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A Word in Season — Japan earthquake and events to follow

Many woke up March 11, 2011, to hear of the tragic earthquake and tsunami which devastated the nation of Japan. Since then, it seems things are growing worse with the threat of a nuclear meltdown and dangerous levels of radiation leaking into the atmosphere.

 Indeed, the Sovereign Lord never does anything until he reveals his plans to his servants the prophets — Amos 3:7.

 Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture! — 1 Corinthians 13:9.

Did the Sovereign Lord reveal what we see happening in Japan? Yes He did. He spoke of this through the mouth of several of His servants. When one prophesies, only part of the whole picture is being proclaimed. In order to have the whole picture, we must put all the parts together. In this article, I have included a few of the words concerning Japan that God’s servants have spoken.

 When God speaks, He speaks with purpose. As you prayerfully read these words, ask God how He would have you respond. How can you prepare for what could be one of the greatest opportunities in history for good to triumph over evil. America is not without hope.

 Twenty-two years ago, Bob Jones, a seasoned prophetic voice, prophesied there would be a major earthquake in Japan. He said this event would signify the beginning of a worldwide economic meltdown. Bob prophesied that there would be a massive earthquake to hit the west coast sometime after the Japanese shaking. (See

 Daniel Pierce, son of well known prophetic voice, Chuck Pierce, recently had the following dream:

 “I had a dream last night that the power plant in Japan went into melt down and the fall out somehow affected the U.S. In the dream I was very concerned for the safety of the U.S. I do not know if this represents the stock market or physical radiation.”

 For years, Kim Clement, another prophetic voice, said something significant was going to happen on “a” March 11. (click here to view: Kim has put together a nine-minute audio clip where he talks about the connection between what is happening in Egypt, the Middle East, the Far East and Japan. To listen go to:

 Here is an excerpt from a word prophesied by Kim Clement on July 8, 2006, from Hollywood California:

“This one nation (Japan) shall experience what they predicted for this Nation (America) and for this West Coast, an earthquake which will take us out. Your prayers will save many lives regarding this earthquake in Japan.

“This speaks of this incredible integration, and this one fusion of Japan, and China. A Lion has roared, the Lord has spoken, and who can but prophesy. Just for a moment between Japan, and China, and Korea, God is going to do something big.”

Watch Egypt — an ally.

“Egypt — I speak to an Egyptian. I speak to Egypt. Watch Egypt,” says the Lord, “an ally.” Egypt, God’s going to rattle you, raise you up, He isn’t finished with you yet. “

(To read this word in its entirety, which was previously posted on the Elijah List in 2006, click here:

 When God speaks of a coming “storm” (famine, earthquake, tsunami, economic collapse, etc.) what kind of response is He looking for from us? In the next “Word in Season” I will address this question.

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