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Skills U.S.A. students compete, work for the community

This has been an eventful year for the students in the Skills U.S.A. program at Pagosa Springs High School.

We are adding some new competitions with some new students. The new competitions are cabinet making, auto refinishing and computer programming.

Mike Sause won top honors at the district competition in Durango early in March. This earned him a trip to the state competition.

Alyssa Feyen will represent PSHS in auto refinishing and Silas Thompson is competing in computer programming at the same state competition.

Josh Dikes competes in motorcycle mechanics, Taylor Loran placed second and Cody Keane placed third in auto technology. CSI has two teams: Jordan Neuleib, Andrew Rice and Hope Forman on one team, Matt Fisher, Levi Ervin and Trace Maltsberger on the other team.

The district welding competition was held in Pagosa Springs, with Jamie Clark in the top place, Luke Baxstrom placing second and Kyler McKee placing third. These young people will do a fine job for PSHS in Denver April 13-15.

We will be trying to raise funds for the trip by selling breakfast to people who have just had blood drawn at the 9Health Fair on April 2. Breakfast will start at 7:30 a.m. and the cost is $5 per plate.

Community service

What we do:

At Pagosa Springs High School, Skills U.S.A. students who want to help recycle aluminum, paper and plastic. During this process, we take photos of the students helping the community. Although they mostly work around the school, some of the students work after school to help citizens understand that we need to recycle more and help each other, as well as the environment.

How to help:

You can help by picking up loose papers instead of throwing them away. You can put it in a recycling center.

What to know:

Notice that this is a project for the students. They get rewarded by feeling good about themselves and knowing that they helped make the community better. Though this community service project is for the students, it doesn’t mean you can’t help clean up, too.

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