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Thingamajig Theatre ‘Committed’ to comedy

The Thingamajig Theatre Company is the newest non-profit theatre to come to Pagosa Springs and is the resident theatre company at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts.

The company opens their season April 15 with “Fully Committed,” performed by acting veteran Christopher Willard, who has been praised by critics across Colorado for his exceptional performance in this one-man spectacle.

Directed by Willard as well, “Fully Committed, “written by Becky Mode, showcases a one person show involving an out of work actor answering phones at a swanky New York restaurant , that is so busy you need to make a reservation months in advance. Of course this doesn’t stop people who considered themselves exceptions to call and ask or demand the best table on a weekend. The exhausted reservationist does his best to fulfill their desires but given a demanding chef, a pressured staff, a missing relief worker, and the eccentricities of the customers, what results is an hilarious 80 minutes of comedy and mayhem.

A Colorado favorite and a truly resourceful actor, Willard’s antics and deft comedic sense of timing have met the demands of the play for over 10 years.  With all the calls coming in, sometimes all at once, the play demands an actor that has mastered the physical and vocal demands to perfection. Willard’s background in comedy and his vast experience as a director, have equipped him to command the stage as he portrays over 30 roles. Willard knows how to get a laugh and after several years of performing the show, knows, “the sweet spots” in the show.

The audience will be entertained by all sorts of unconventional characters along the way, 38 in all. Each of these requires a different tone and set of mannerisms. Willard has worked hard to portray these characters with seamless perfection. He begins the show as a poor, out-of-work actor, who everyone takes advantage of. Throughout the course of the play, we see him gain muster some courage, develop his “people” skills, and improve his confidence on the job , ending up a resilient person who will not let himself be pushed around.

“Fully Committed” plays for two weekends April 15-23 at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts: Black Box Theatre at 2313 Eagle Drive in Pagosa Springs at 7 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are $15 and are available at or by phone, 731-SHOW.

A special Gala Grand Opening performance is scheduled for April 15 beginning at 6 p.m. and priced at $75. Gala ticket price includes cocktails and dinner provided by the Alley House, show performance and dessert, and a meet and greet with Mr. Willard and the production crew after the conclusion of the show.

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