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Homeschool students continue with music video project

On Feb. 26, the high school homeschoolers who are a part of a video production class, led by Matthew Brunson, did their first video shoot.

Sabrina Jack assisted with lights and is also the director. Jacob Ormande was cameraman and is also producer. Cameron Reed is the main cameraman. Isaiah Class-Erickson was playback music technician. Anne Townsend was the makeup and hair technician. All students were directed by Brunson to learn their roles and then take charge of their positions.

It was a treat for the crew to work with local musicians, According Two Today. These two women, Lydiah and Keturah Class-Erickson, write, sing and produce their own music. They had crew members singing along and moving to their song “Train To Popular Nowhere.”

The production team learned a lot about green screen, lighting and camera angles. It was important to remain serious about the task at hand, but laughter was a big part of the day.

It was an exhausting 11-hour shoot, but by the end of the day we had captured some amazing footage.

More shooting will take place in the days to follow. Local sites are being used, so if you see a production crew about, you will know why.

This music video, along with a feature film, will be shown at the Liberty Theatre at 6:30 p.m. on March 30. Tickets are available at Higher Grounds, River Pointe Coffee Shop and from the students in the video production class, for $7 prior to the showing. Tickets will be available at the door until the theater is at capacity. Money from the tickets will go toward the homeschool government trip to Boston.

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