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‘Magical Mountain Village’ tomorrow at the community center

A community showcase concert, entitled “Magical Mountain Village,” takes place tomorrow, March 25 at The Ross Aragon Community Center.

A pre-concert social begins at 6 p.m. The concert begins at 7.

“Magical Mountain Village,” features the musical versatility and diverse artistry of Larry Elginer, Randall Davis, John Graves, Bob Nordmann, The Big’Ns, Harvey Schwartz, The Gypsy Moon Ensemble, Laith Scherer, Laura Moore and the Kids Playshop Class, and Carl Mori.

The pre-concert social begins with dancing by Laura Moore and the Kids Playshop Class who will dance to village folk music performed by the Big’Ns and The Gypsy Moon Ensemble. Coffee, desserts, snacks and a beer/wine cash bar are available throughout the evening. Please bring desserts and snacks to share for the pre-concert social and intermission.

How can one survive childhood and still carry a sense of childlike joy into adulthood? That’s the unavoidable question that springs to mind when one meets Laura Moore, director of the new Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts.

Moore will be dancing at “Magical Mountain Village” during the pre-concert social, with participants from her Kids Playshop Class, tomorrow night at “Magical Mountain Village.”

Moore is a remarkable young lady with a childlike joy of life, who seems to have blown into our community on a sparkling carpet of fairy dust. With a broad background in the theatre arts, one of Moore’s special interests is working with kids.

“I love working with kids because they are enthusiastic and positive almost all the time,” she says. “Kids have such a wonderful outlook on life.”

How fortunate we are to have Moore in our community, teaching young people how to develop and maintain their creative self-expression.

“My job is to teach them acting skills and how to harness the use of their imaginations and expressions and help them become more perceptive of the people, world and relationships around them, while encouraging them to keep exploring unimagined possibilities,” she says.

Watching Moore work with a group of children is an awesome experience: does she tune into their channel, or could she actually be one of them?

“I get a lot of joy of being around young people who like to enjoy their creativity,” says Moore. “At some point, they turn into adults and all of these wonderful attributes that they naturally have are toned down significantly,” she says. “My hope is that through acting, and the skills they learn in my class, they can carve a little path in their childhood that they will be able to follow back when they become adults.”  

 Time may have forgotten a little village called Pagosa Springs. Talent has not. Take, for example, Bob Nordmann, one of the talented musicians to perform at “Magical Mountain Village,” tomorrow night. Nordmann plays a special role in our village music scene, taking the alto sax back to its roots — classical music. Nordmann’s artistry contributes to our appreciation for the beauty and diversity of classical music, as it contributes to furtherance of his instrument and it’s place in musical history.

The Ross Aragon Community Center presents “Magical Mountain Village” in collaboration with Elation Center for the Arts. This event is sponsored by The Pagosa Springs SUN and Pagosa Photography.

Advance tickets, for $10, are on sale at Higher Grounds and The Ross Aragon Community Center. Tickets at the door are $12. Young people, 18 and under, are admitted free. The Ross Aragon Community Center located at 451 Hot Springs Blvd. For further information, call the community center at 264-4152.

The Ross Aragon Community Center operates as a nonprofit through the Pagosa Springs Facilities Coalition, and benefits the community by creating, coordinating and providing space for social, athletic, fine arts, performing arts, cultural, educational, business and faith-based activities. Elation Center for the Arts is a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of traditional music and dance.

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