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Venture Crew trains in First Aid and CPR

While Jeffery Baca, the young man in the photo, may look a little worse for the wear, he is actually a member of the Pagosa Springs Aviation Venture Crew who met last Saturday morning to take part in both First Aid and CPR training at the Pagosa Springs Youth Center.

Dave Nixon, a resident of Pagosa Springs and an EMT instructor and trainer, led the exercises, giving each member of the Venture Crew a chance to have a hands-on experience in both life-saving skills.

The Venture Crew, sponsored by the Archuleta County Airport, focuses on extreme outdoor experiences. In January, the crew spent a frigid day training in winter survival skills, including learning how to build igloos and other life-saving skills.

The ultimate focus of the Pagosa Springs Venture Crew concerns flying aircraft. A couple of the members have their sights set on military careers, including attending the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

For more information on the Pagosa Springs Aviation Venture Crew, contact Anne Kautzky at, or Bill McKown at

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