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Students filming video, plan show on March 30

Brainstorming, brainstorming and brainstorming some more — weaving ideas like a puzzle. One person comes up with an idea, and the next idea comes from another person, one idea after another but it all fits together. Much like dominoes toppling upon one another. What are the ideas, what are we doing?

Let me explain. Matthew Brunson decided to lead a Video Production Class in which home-schooled students could learn first hand the steps of production.

Our nine-member group is going to produce a music video. The music is by two local singer/song-writers who go by “According Two Today.” We will be developing the video around their song, “Train To Popular Nowhere.”

Members of our group are: Jacob Ormande, Cameron Reed, Anne Townsend, Sabrina Jack, Isaiah Class-Erickson, Elliot Reed, Sully Smith, Kassidy Smith and Lark Sanders The assistance advisors are Caroline Reed, LuAnn Ormande and Cheryl Class-Erickson.

Matthew Brunson brings his enthusiasm into the classroom and is very excited about the project. He challenges us, his students, to be creative and active. Every student has a job, from producer to camera man.

In the next few weeks you may notice crews about doing some filming at local sites.

Once completed, the music video ,along with a feature film, to be announced, will be shown at the Liberty Theater on March 30 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $7. Money received from the tickets will be used to help sponsor the government trip that will be taken by the home-schooled students this spring. It is going to be an amazing evening, so we hope to see you there.

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