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Sunday Night Unplugged brings a touch of the Irish

Sean and Darcy Downing will be the featured guests of Sunday Night Unplugged, this Sunday, March 20, at 5 p.m.

Sunday Night Unplugged, a monthly service of music and meditation at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, is offered to the public as a time for spiritual renewal and contemplation. Each month, Sunday Night Unplugged features artists from the community who bring their own unique musical gifts to the setting of readings, prayer, and silent meditation. The Downings bring the lovely sounds of their Irish heritage as the church celebrates its patron saint, St. Patrick.

Sean and Darcy Downing have been playing and writing their music for 14 years. They met in a creative writing class and married in 1993. They share a mutual love of music, singing together, creating songs that has grown out of their love for each other, the mountains, a sense of their heritage, and their love for God.

Darcy is a classically trained musician who began singing in third grade. Her songs formulate in her mind and heart as she sings and contemplates the hills and valleys of life. One song she calls “White Linen” came to her while reflecting on her great grandfather, a Methodist minister, who brought his wife and their seven boys to the United States from Ireland. Shortly after their arrival, her great grandmother died during the night, leaving her great grandfather and the seven children in a strange new country to fend for themselves. The song came to her as she contemplated the struggles they must have endured.

“I feel it came to me as a gift,” Darcy said. “I put it away for two years before I decided to ask Sean to write it down. It has a deep spiritual message for me, and I hope it has touched others as well.”.

Sean decided to teach himself to play guitar during their fourth year of marriage. Raised in Creede, Sean brings a flavor of the mountains to his songs. There is an early Appalachian influence as well as Gospel and blues. Together, he and Darcy have taken their music to coffee houses, pubs, churches, community events, and to Gospel Fest in eastern Colorado.

“Our music records the daily intersections between the temporal and eternal, mixed with reflections of our experiences and struggles, failures and successes, our love for each other, our children, and the Lord,” says Sean. When they aren’t writing songs or enjoying time with their three daughters, Sean teaches English and drama at Pagosa Springs High School, and Darcy is a counselor.

St. Patrick’s is located at 225 S. Pagosa Blvd. Sunday Night Unplugged is offered to the public as an opportunity for reflection and quiet contemplation. All are invited to attend.

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