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In last week’s edition of The SUN, Stephanie Steffens, director of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, was misidentified as “Stephanie Stephans.” We regret the error.

In the article regarding a letter of resignation submitted by Steve Vassallo, executive director of the Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation, to the CDC board, the author stated, “In early February, it was revealed that Vassallo had obligated a parcel of land that the Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners had considered leasing to a local nonprofit for $1 a year. The commitments Vassallo had made were obligated prior to a decision by the BoCC.”

In a later interview, Vassallo stated that he had not obligated that particular parcel of land, but had made commitments to the Nashville Songwriters group on the assumption that the BoCC would grant a lease for a pavilion placement, but that commitments were not made based on that particular parcel of property.

We regret any confusion that error may have caused.

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