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Company announces new theatre division

During the development of the Christmas presentation ‘A Mall and the Night Visitors’ at Pagosa Bible Church, the board of Springs Theatre Company teamed up with drama team members from other churches in Pagosa to create a new division dedicated to Christian presentations.

Mosaic, a Christian Drama Ministry, will officially begin presenting productions in March of this year.

On Sunday, March 27, part of the regular service at Pagosa Bible Church will be the premiere presentation of “No Ordinary Day.” This is a play about one man’s journey to the Judgment Seat of Christ. We are told that every believer in Christ Jesus will appear before Him and give account for his works done for the glory of God, with the right motive, and in dependence upon the power of the Holy Spirit as outlined in 1 Corinthians 3:12-15.

This moving depiction of one man’s account of this Judgment will compel you to examine your life and what you have done and will do for Christ. It will inspire you, concern you, and move you to action for Christ in your life. Everyone is invited to attend this performance, or the additional presentations that will be held March 27, 28 and 29 at 7 p.m.

Drawing on the talents and leadership of drama team members from Pagosa Bible Church, CenterPoint Church and Community United Methodist Church, the new division members are already in rehearsal for this spring production. A late summer presentation is in development. A fall production and Christmas presentation are in concept and will be announced soon.

The new troupe will focus on developing original Christian themed productions for churches and other venues across the four corners region. In addition to full length plays presented as evening entertainment, shorter sermon themed sketches are available for enhancements during Sunday services.

To become involved, book the troupe or for more information feel free to e-mail Springs Theatre Company at

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