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Larry Elginer joins cast of ‘Magical Mountain Village’ for March 25

“Magical Mountain Village,” Friday, March 25, at The Ross Aragon Community Center features Larry Elginer, Randall Davis, John Graves, Bob Nordmann, The Big’Ns, Harvey Schwartz, The Gypsy Moon Ensemble, Laith Scherer, The Village Dancers and Carl Mori.

A pre-concert social begins at 6 p.m. with live music, free desserts, snacks and coffee, and a beer and wine cash bar. Please bring desserts and snacks to share for the pre-concert social and intermission. The concert begins at 7 p.m.

Musician, comedian, actor, writer, composer, photographer — Larry Elginer’s presence in Pagosa is a cultural treasure of inestimable value. His ubiquitous influence plays an integral part in the musical soundtrack of Pagosa. His creativity and intelligence have had many avenues of expression. His performing background covers a broad spectrum of musicality. From jazz to classical — orchestral soloist, studio session guru, versatile ensemble player, and a whole lot more — this guy has been around the block.

Elginer has the astounding ability to teach all of the orchestral and band instruments. For many years, he created some of the nation’s top-flight school music programs. Beginning strings, beginning bands, junior high school bands, concert bands, high school orchestras, jazz bands, marching bands — bands that did all the local stuff and then flew around the world to win competitions.

“I feel that music has so much to offer in our lives,” says Elginer, “whether it’s through the schools or after school, whether you do it through the community, professionally or recreationally.”

Elginer is very appreciative of the level of the arts and the receptivity to them that he finds in Pagosa. “I’m very impressed with all the talent, here, in the performing and the fine arts,” he says. “I was absolutely amazed when I first came here, how much talent there was: woodworkers, artists, photographers, actors, musicians, music educators — it’s a marvelous place. The community really embraces the fine and performing arts talents and venues that are presented here in Pagosa Springs.”

Regardless of the season, Larry Elginer’s creativity is always blossoming. His new novel along with his CD’s, screen play, photographs and other professional/creative/artistic endeavors will be featured on his soon-to-be-launched website

An inspired community cultural arts leader, Elginer gives his talents to others in so many ways. Join him and a cast of performers who reflect some of Pagosa’s diverse artistic talent at “Magical Mountain Village.”

The Ross Aragon Community Center presents “Magical Mountain Village” in collaboration with Elation Center for the Arts. This event is sponsored by The Pagosa Springs SUN Newspaper and Pagosa Photography.

Advance tickets, for $10, are on sale at Higher Grounds and The Ross Aragon Community Center. Tickets at the door are $12. Young people, 18 and under, are admitted free. The Ross Aragon Community Center located at 451 Hot Springs Blvd. For further information, call the community center at 264-4152.

The Ross Aragon Community Center operates as a nonprofit through the Pagosa Springs Facilities Coalition, and benefits the community by creating, coordinating and providing space for social, athletic, fine arts, performing arts, cultural, educational, business and faith-based activities. Elation Center for the Arts is a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of traditional music and dance.

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