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The War of 2012

“Your crib shines bright and clear,

in the night there is a new light,

we dare not let any darkness in, 

thus faith shines always radiant.”

 This passage, from Bach’s Cantata No. 61, gives me a shock. I have seen that crib shine in a dream-time glimpse into actual Christendom today. Especially today, that light must have no trace of doubt, so we can merge with the everlasting prosperity once known to our aboriginal hosts — a genuine rescue from today’s world-killing travesty. 

In my dream, two deacons dressed in black led me into a Catholic church, where an ordained priest faced the altar. The pews were empty. The light was dim, except for a baby’s crib on the right, in front of the pews, on the congregation’s side of the communion rail. The only visible light source, inside the crib, a universe-melting white, through the bedding appeared orange, like shining copper, as if coals were being blown hot by a blacksmith. 

The deacons approached the sanctuary, stopped at the communion rail, then turned right to face the glowing crib, hands folded in prayer. The priest did not move. The silhouettes of two deacons, with hands not just praying, but showing their agreement to the way the highest should be honored, is etched in my memory. The point is that the light was outside the sanctuary, free of past ritual, untarnished by sectarian folly, unbound even by a name.

 My role as witness for certain Hopis causes this dream to feel centered in Keams Canyon, Ariz., near several significant places, although, unlike the actual church at Keams, the front doors of the church in the dream face south. A few miles east, at Oraibi, is my favorite church in the world, blasted three times by God’s lightning, rebuilt only twice, now a ruin. A hundred year old Hopi said it was Catholic, a younger Hopi said it was Mennonite. 

The Hopis knew the Catholic church — my childhood home and path to heaven — as “the slave church.” Another high-mesa church remains intact at Acoma, where the tour guide said the bell in its tower was bought by selling four Acoma girls into slavery in Spain. However, Oraibi is the place where Maasaw made the earth solid during its creation. Here, Oraibi Hopis met the living Creator after their migration. The Way of Christ works–with–this power, not against it. It makes sense that, at Oraibi, misguided missionaries might encounter the Creator’s lightning.

 In a stone house at the foot of this mesa, my life was turned around years ago, as Thomas Bangakya explained three world wars anticipated in Hopi tradition, moved by the swastika and the sun, plus the color red in the final war. Modern civilization suddenly appeared to me as one speck on a vast ancient design. A short walk north, we find a pattern, carved in sandstone near 1900 AD, used to illustrate many discussions of our place in this design, and warn of the fraud of modern “doomsday” economics that deprives the world of the Path of Everlasting Life.

As a child, I had “seen” the light of Christ inside the Catholic Church, but I followed it into the wide, wide world, to find the ancient “Hopi Way” awash in this light, yet targeted for elimination by both “Church” and “State” in our dying civilization. I was, in effect, paying taxes to the Roman soldiers to kill Christ. Those raised in the love of Christ may feel the cut of this dilemma. I could not live in the modern world in good conscience unless I changed it. I also knew that, if everyone saw the truth of this whole affair, this attack against our last hope could not occur.

 All the elements of the first two world wars are being repeated now in the third, including the crippling of nations as their currency of trade is made worthless. The mechanism of inflation is a departure from the words of Christ: “Let your yea be yea, and your nay be nay” — a statement of Pure Common Law. Pastor Lindsey Williams says an elderly operator of this mechanism told him United States “dollars” will be worthless by 2012. Williams says only divine intervention can save us. Joel Skousen sees a slightly different timing, but his reports on the war-in-progress illuminate Hopi Prophecy in detail. Currency trumps ideology! One cannot be Christian and trust Federal Reserve Notes! To avoid giving ourselves a hellish eternity, “We The People” must initiate our own currency worldwide. 

 Once told, we cannot be untold. To be passive is to forsake the world God left in our care, and incur eternal debt. Our alternative is to fully manifest our growing global colloquium, on this page, and worldwide on the Internet.

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