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Pagosa Peaks volleyball teams see action

Fifteen Pagosa girls traveled to Grand Junction to play volleyball Jan. 28-30, rather than attend their school winter dances. These young athletes are playing for Pagosa Peaks and are members of USA Volleyball.

This is the club’s first year in operation under the umbrella of the Four Corners Volleyball Club, directed by Terene Foutz in Durango. Pagosa Peaks was established by Jenifer Pitcher, head coach, in order to provide an opportunity for Pagosa girls to enhance their volleyball skills, expand their competitive experiences and encourage their love of the sport.

Two teams have attended practices three times per week with practice schedules, which do not conflict with their involvement in school-based sports.

The 14s team is coached by Jenifer Pitcher and consists of nine players: Miah Pitcher, LeShae Smith, Madi Lewis, Brooke Baudridge, Marissa Talamante, Shaylah Lucero, Marley Weaver-Gabel, Jennifer Smith and Kaycee Bennett.

The 17s team is coached by Shane Lucero and fields only six players: Gabby Pajak, Tristen Bennett, Hannah Matzdorf, Devyn Doctor, Angie Gallegos and Jordyn Shulda.

The Grand Junction tournament gave both teams an excellent opportunity to test their skills against other teams and to improve their team cohesion by playing in six games before being placed in a bracket for single-elimination tournament play.

The younger Peaks won two and lost four games before losing their bracket game in a close-scoring game of 22-25, 25-22 and 15-11. The team played with heart and conviction under the leadership of setter and power-server, Lucero. Player Weaver-Gabel stated, “The team learned just how important every person is on the court — we need to focus on serves and supporting each other by not getting down when we’re behind.”

The Pagosa Peaks teams will play in the Presidente Picante Festival Tournament in Albuquerque, New Mex. on Feb. 19 and 20, and will play in Durango April 2 and 3.

The coaches, players, and families of Pagosa Peaks would like to thank their generous sponsors who have given financial support to make this possible: Jann Pitcher Real Estate, ASA Appraisal Services, Riverbend Engineering, Nana and Papa Gabel, Anthony Doctor, SmithCo, Bob Formwalt and Monograms Plus.

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