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Senior living facility project granted conditional use permit

A new senior living facility to be located near the intersection of North Pagosa Boulevard and the southern entrance to Lake Forest Circle was given the green light Tuesday afternoon with the granting of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) by the Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners.

The CUP was granted to applicant Bob Siebel, representing firm Community Living Solutions.

With the first phase of the project anticipated to begin this summer, the proposal for the full buildout of the Siebel senior living facility includes 42 independent, congregate living units (28 two-bedroom and 14 one-bedroom units); 50 private single units clustered into three “households,” with private rooms centered around health service delivery areas; and 14 single-story duplex units with garages for independent living.

The units are planned to be long-term rentals. The grounds of the facility are also slated to include a trail, park and both existing and new trees. Representatives of the project also indicated Tuesday that additional landscaping may be added to buffer the view along North Pagosa Boulevard, in response to resident concerns expressed at the meeting.

Archuleta County Senior Planner Cindy Schultz said the project is to be constructed in three phases, each of which would take about a year to complete.

“Somebody wants to build something in Archuleta County? That’s great,” Commissioner Michael Whiting said Tuesday before expressing that he had not seen a financial model for the facility, but saying that it perhaps wasn’t the appropriate juncture to look at a financial model.

In her presentation, Schultz said the proposal was based on a marketing study completed by the applicant that identified the community’s needs for the facility.

Also in response to concerns by Whiting, Schultz said the project meets the county’s requirement of having 20-percent open space.

Commissioner Clifford Lucero said he hopes the project will use local services, to which Wayne Helwig of Community Living Solutions responded that the group has worked with local engineering and landscaping firms and will hire a local contractor.

“We’re just really happy to be part of this area,” Helwig said.

Although granted, the CUP includes five conditions that the developer must meet:

• The applicant must apply for right-of-way permits through the county Road and Bridge Department before commencing any work in the right-of-way;

• The applicant must seek approval for a storm water management plan and use best management practices at all times;

• The applicant must contact weed specialist Frank Ratliffe in the spring or summer for a weed and mitigation inspection;

• The applicant must enter into a Development Improvement District, drafted by the county, prior to construction, with the appropriate bond for improvements secured based on the approved site plan; and

• The applicant must comply with road and bridge standards.

Although located in the general area of the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association, the facility will not be in PLPOA jurisdiction.

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