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Cards of Thanks


Thank you to those Pagosans who supported the upcoming 8th grade Washington D.C. trip at the Alley House Grille. Without your generosity, this trip would have been impossible for many of the travelers. Thank you also to Todd and Kellie Stevens of the Alley House for hosting and preparing the dinner. Once again, many thanks.

Ben Miller

8th grader

Pagosa Springs Middle School


I wanted to let the staff at the Pagosa Springs Medical Center Emergency Room know how much I appreciated their exceptional care during my recent visit. Dr. Galloway, Nurses Diane and Buzz, EMT Tom, Rad Techs Cary and Ben and Lab Tech Francis all did an outstanding job. Everything was done in a timely and caring manner and I was consistently updated on results and my condition. Their professionalism and especially their kindness made a difficult day much more tolerable. Thank you.

I hope locals and visitors realize what a dedicated and skilled staff we have at our hospital and what an important asset it is to the community.

Tom Mozer


Card of thanks to Lt. Sean Curtis at the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Department, and Pagosa Springs residents Suellen Loher at Pagosa Source, and Doug Loher at Durango Transport, and folks at the Spa Motel on Hot Springs Blvd.

In October 2010, I became a stranded tourist due to a domestic upset, and all these people came to my aid and rescue. After getting settled in at the Spa Motel, I was able to enjoy touring Pagosa Springs on foot, often with suitcase in tow. Doug arranged for Suellen to give me a (very) long ride to catch a plane home, and we became friends along the way.

Thank you all for your comfort, caring and hospitality. I hope to return to Pagosa Springs under happy circumstances, and once again enjoy your lovely high-mountain town with unique thermal springs.


Carole Elaine Morton

Warm Springs, Vir.


Our high school Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) would like to thank our dedicated mentors from the Pagosa community. Mentors including Norm Frazier, Carl Macht, Steve Urban, Maddy Beserra, Tina Gallegos, Ron Thompson, Carrie Trumble, Casey Bristow and Drs. Greg Schick, Kitzell Farrah and Thomas Yost gave selflessly to help us learn. We want to take the time to say how much we appreciate everything you’ve done to help us prepare for our various HOSA events such as medical, veterinary and dental assisting, physical therapy, sports medicine, forensics and community emergency response team (CERT). As mentors, you’ve really impacted our growing group of future medical professionals. Our first year we started with six members, but now in our third year have grown to 32 HOSA members, 24 of which have qualified to compete at our state conference in Loveland in early March. We could not have done it with you. Thank you, HOSA mentors.


Denise Espinosa

PSHS HOSA reporter