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Tipton visit

In last week’s meeting between the Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners, community leaders and U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton, it was incorrectly stated that Commissioner Clifford Lucero was in favor of the proposed Village at Wolf Creek development.

That statement was reflected in the Feb. 3 article, “U.S. Rep. Tipton visits Pagosa.” In fact, Lucero denies being in favor of the development.

Skate park

In last week’s SUN article on a proposed skate park project, several errors were made in the story.

Although the article stated, “However, later construction bids indicated that matching and contingency funds were sufficient when several bids came in well below cost estimates,” it should have said “Requests For Information” rather than “bids.”

The article also stated, “In August 2009 a GOCO grant deadline was also missed after the location of the skate park was thrown into question. Originally set for construction on the southern end of Yamaguchi Park, on land owned by the Pagosa Springs Sanitation General Improvement District (PSSGID), the location was scotched when the PSSGID board decided not to pursue the construction of a new town wastewater treatment plant.” In fact, construction had been set at the current location of the town’s wastewater lagoons — south of Yamaguchi Park. That location was unavailable after the PSSGID board decided it needed to install head works as part of the new wastewater treatment plant plans.

The article also stated that, “An August 2010 GOCO grant deadline was all but ignored when funding for the skate park was thrown into question.” The grant was not pursued because the Skaters Coalition for Concrete could not show town officials it had the necessary funds to provide a sufficient match required by the grant.

We regret any confusion these errors may have caused.