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Colorado Snowmobile Association Convention wrap up

The Jan. 28-30 CSA Convention was a big success. Snowmobilers from all over the state of Colorado came to Pagosa Springs for their annual convention and quarterly meeting, which were held at the Pagosa Lodge. They came, they saw our beautiful area, they snowmobiled, ate, danced, visited, took lots of pictures and not a single one of them complained about the low amount of snow we’ve been enduring. Our club’s ride leaders somehow managed to find areas of untracked meadows to play in and everyone went home happy, with many vowing to return in the summer and fall to hike, fish, hunt and see what it’s like during other seasons of the year.

The Wolf Creek Trailblazers Snowmobile Club would like to thank everyone for giving our guests a big Pagosa welcome. Thanks to several merchants, individuals, the local US Forest Service office and Colorado State Parks for all the contributions to our “Welcome Bags.” They were very much appreciated by all our guests. Unfortunately, one lady injured her back having way too much fun and after being taken to the hospital by our search and rescue team, she was complaining about not being able to dance on Saturday night. Our sincere thanks to all involved with getting her out safely. She is a very special lady to many folks around the state and we wish her a speedy recovery.