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Local non-profits meet, enhance network of community leadership

On Wednesday, Jan. 26, local executive directors and board members representing nearly 30 nonprofits attended a Pagosa Area Nonprofit Organizations (PANPO) social event at the Pagosa Center for the Arts, facilitating collaborative and networking opportunities.

Anna Royer, the Archuleta County school and community prevention coordinator, spoke at the social event about her collaborative efforts and how they create a model of achievement for her mission.

PANPO is an association of Pagosa area nonprofits formed in 2009 to increase advocacy, education, capacity building and networking opportunities in connection with Southwest Colorado Rural Philanthropy Days.

Current PANPO efforts include a website, newsletter, social events, radio talk show, educational opportunities and the development of an economic impact calculator to help illustrate the impact of nonprofits in the Pagosa community.

Several of the Pagosa area’s nonprofit leaders meet regularly as PANPO to discuss ways to strengthen the nonprofit organizations that support Pagosa Springs and local nonprofit representatives are always invited to attend.

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