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Keep it simple, sweetie

People in Jesus’ day had a hard time keeping the Ten Commandments, as people do today. So Jesus helped them out. He boiled it down to two commandments. Get these two right, and you automatically get the rest:

1. Love God

2. Love Others.

As Danny Kay said in Court Jester, “Get it? Got it. Good!”

God wants a loving relationship with you, but how do you develop a relationship with a great big, invisible, holy God?

Think about your best friend. How did you become that way? You met. You talked and found common interests and passions. You got to know his or her personality, humor, intelligence, quirks. You spent time together having fun, working, playing, laughing, crying. You were there for each other and helped each other out in any way you could. When you had problems between each other, you worked it out.

You get to know God in a similar way. How do you meet God? He is Holy and Lord of the Universe, and you are not. So you have to approach Him in His way. What is His way? God went to a lot of trouble divinely impregnating a virgin, keeping the child safe when others tried to kill him and then, when it was time, allowing Jesus to die on the cross as a sacrifice for sin. Jesus is the bridge between heaven and earth.

Through faith in Christ, communication is open. How do you talk to someone invisible? Faith steps in again. You’ve got to believe His ears are attentive, as the Bible says.

And in the getting to know Him better by prayer and reading his autobiography (the Bible), you find common interests and like passions. It doesn’t take you very long to realize what God is passionate about — people! God is love itself. His very essence is love.

You learn God loves you passionately and the best thing you can do for yourself is love and obey Him. You learn that God is awesome in His goodness. He’s powerful. He’s in charge. He’s eternal. You learn to delight in who He is, like you learned to delight in your best friend. You learn that He even sings over His people. And in your talking to Him, His Holy Spirit speaks back. You become sensitive to His thoughts and plans. You learn to care about what He cares about. You learn how to pray for others and reach out to not only your friends, but to people who need kindness the most, thus fulfilling the second greatest commandment. You discover that helping people is equivalent to helping Him. And you learn that spending time with other believers is like spending time with Him because He identifies with His people.

But what is the biggest element in any friendship? Fun. You simply enjoy being with that person. Is God fun? Yes, He is. As He answers your prayers, things begin happening beyond your wildest imagination because all things are possible with God. And He has a great sense of humor. As you become more in tune with His Spirit, you find yourself smiling and laughing more.

But just like in any relationship, there can be friction. In the Heavenly relationship friction is caused by sin. The good news is that when you confess your sin, God forgives you and removes that stain from your relationship with Him.

As 2011 unfolds, make it richer by putting tasks on your to do list that fulfill the two greatest commandments: Love God and love others.

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