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‘We’re all Babies in God’s Eyes’

My three-year old son was often teased by his two older brothers, who were the ripe old ages of four and five, about being the baby of the family. Normally his reaction was immediate, loud, and defensive. One day, though, I heard him quietly and solemnly reply to their taunt by saying, “We’re all babies, in God’s eyes.”

Well, I thought that was pretty insightful, as well as a total change in reaction. Since I knew I had not given him that “ammunition,” I asked him who told him to say that.

“The babysitter?”


“Mama Dell?”


“Well, then, who told you to say that?”

“Nobody, I just know it.”

I never did find out where he got his insight. But I did think of that passage, “From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise.”

Truly, we are all babies in God’s eyes. Even the wisest of us see through a glass darkly, as Paul said, and cannot fathom the ways of God or the depth of his mercy and love.

Those of us who are new or even “old” in the faith should not feel intimidated or inadequate before brothers and sisters who have more knowledge than we do. We should be respectful, yes, and grateful for the opportunity to learn from them, as well as encouraged to study more faithfully and consistently ourselves. But we must temper these feelings with an understanding that even the most mature and wise Christian is surely still considered young and foolish in God’s eyes.

Let’s encourage each other and support each other, and do all we can to assist each other as we strive to do what pleases God. Have faith that He will forgive us our shortcomings as long as we call out to Him and strive to take hold of Him. We are, every one, truly “babies, in God’s eyes.”

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