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Phase II of Circle Pedestrian and Bicycle Pathway complete

I’ve been walking to work; not bicycling as I’m sporting a broken arm. You know those t-shirts that the younger generations wear that’say “No Fear”. Well, I wouldn’t describe myself in general as full of fear, but right now I am carrying some fear and a cast.

Walking Lake Forest

Circle Pedestrian and Bicycle Pathway (approximately 1.3 miles in length) is pretty sweet. I, along with a passel of dog walkers, exercisers and bikers use the trail every day.

Phase I of this pathway, completed several years ago, was paid for by money from the Fairfield Settlement. A portion of that settlement was awarded to Lake Forest Estate to correct original survey errors. Since the errors were relatively minor, the Lake Forest Estate owners, in a survey put out by the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association, voted their support for using the settlement money to build a pedestrian and bicycle pathway instead.

Phase II of the pathway was completed this fall. The project was put out to bid late last winter and was awarded to the lowest bidder for a cost of $181,955. Engineering costs were approximately 20% of that number. The PLPOA Board of Directors was very pleased to see the bids on the project come in much lower than some initial cost estimates from the previous year. This expenditure was also an owner approved ballot measure that passed very strongly in 2009 for the express purpose of constructing this section of the Lake Forest Pathway. The funds came out of the Association’s Parks and Trails Fund.

Larry Lynch, with PLPOA, has worked smartly and hard to get the various pedestrian and bicycle pathways in and around the Pagosa Lakes area started. Larry wishes to acknowledge, for this phase II project, the cooperation he received. Century Link Phone Company had to move two major telephone junction pedestals that were in the pathway alignment. [It turned into a big job taking several days.] Additionally, negotiations were needed with a couple of landowners near the pathway that gave PLPOA the few extra feet of their land needed to make the pathway fit. These easements were essentially donated to the county as part of the road right-of-way.

Next year there are plans to continue pathway construction projects… specifically, approximately 5,200 lineal feet of pathway on Park Avenue from Eagles Loft Circle to Cloud Cap Avenue. The feasibility of this proposed project hinges on success with a Colorado State Trails Grant application that was submitted in October 2010 under the sponsorship of Archuleta County.

Archuleta County Commissioners are strong supporters of path and trail projects. They have agreed to match a PLPOA contribution of $100,000 for the Park Avenue pathway. The request from Colorado State Trails Grant is for $200,000. A successful grant application (with results posted in April) will enable the construction of this one (1) mile length of pathway – estimated to cost a total of $400,000.

Since I like trails and also like dogs. I wish to thank dog owners for picking up after Fido. Your thoughtfulness of other users and the environment is greatly appreciated.

Christmas tree disposal

Through the years, the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association has noticed that many residents place their Christmas trees in their yards, most likely with plans of taking care of them in the spring; however, this is considered a “trash and debris” violation of PLPOA’s Rules and Regulations.

Here are some helpful suggestions from the PLOPA’s Department of Covenant Compliance to help you properly dispose of your tree.

Waste Management will take you tree at no extra charge, if you cut it up and can fit it in your poly-cart.

At –Your-Disposal will take your tree for an additional rate; between $4and $10, depending on the size of–your tree.

The Town of Pagosa Springs has a site for all Archuleta county residents at the south end of 5th Street (near the gate entering into the lagoons, on the other side of the road from the school athletic fields). You can leave your tree, free of charge, and they will mulch it in the spring.

If you are experiencing a hardship and need assistance with disposing of your tree, call the PLPOA Department of Covenant Compliance at 731-5635 ext. 21 and give them your address no later than 9:00am on Tuesday, February 1st, 2011, and they will pick it up for you at no cost.

Ski races

Groomed trails for Nordic (cross country) skiing have grown a lot in the last few years in the Pagosa area. The Pagosa Nordic Club grooms some trails, the United States Forest Service grooms Coyote Hill, the Wolf Creek Ski area grooms trails in Alberta Meadow, and the Trailblazers Snowmobile Club grooms multi-use trails that are also used by Nordic skiers.

Last weekend, some of the local Nordic skiers competed in the Chama Chile Ski Classic races in New Mexico. This event included freestyle and classic cross country ski races. There were also snowshoe races, educational clinics, tours and kids events offered over the weekend.

Pagosa will also be offering Nordic ski races and winter activities during Winter Fest, Feb. 18-20. See all the activities being scheduled and register at