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Letters to Editor


Dear Editor:

Who runs the county? The commissioners or the county administrator?

We are hoping now that we have a new board member on the board of county commissioners, that county problems will lessen.

How long do we have to wait for our road conditions to improve?

On Dec. 27, day before the storm, I observed three motor graders, one water truck and one roller working on Trails Road. On several occasions from spring to winter, I have seen county working Trails Road, while main county roads are neglected. County Road 700 is very dangerous, full of potholes the first two miles, especially being snow packed.

Early this fall, I called a commissioner for a little favor, to send three or four yards of gravel to our little Mission Church at Pagosa Junction, large hole created from washout.

I was told that he would ask Greg Schulte if it was okay. Never got an answer. I can’t believe that Greg can say what goes or doesn’t go in the county. County commissioners, we put you in office to run the county, not a county manager or county administrator.

During my 12 years on the board, my fellow commissioners tried to convince me that we needed a county manager. When I left in 1990, board hired a county manager and it’s been downhill ever since.


Chris Chavez

Cost of speech

Dear Editor:

The Arizona shooting last weekend is another tragedy perpetrated by someone believing a gun offers answers. We can add Arizona to Columbine, Virginia Tech, San Antonio and others yet to come.

Should we accept that an occasional mass shooting is just the price we pay for having our guns and our personal freedoms from intrusive police powers? I don’t believe so.

Our First Amendment prohibits laws abridging freedom of speech, but it doesn’t provide for free speech. Speech has consequences, and we need to challenge speech born out of bigotry, hate and oppression.

When we stand by and allow groups of people to be isolated or oppressed because of some common characteristic not related to behavior, we set the stage for increased frustration, anger and radicalization.

We can start by no longer accepting hate speech and demagoguery as acceptable in civil society. We can stand up to people using “free speech” to bully, isolate and denigrate “those” who look, talk or believe differently than ourselves.

We can seek to understand others and appreciate that it is our diversity, not our conformity, which makes this nation strong and resilient. If politically liberal, we can listen to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck occasionally. If conservative, we can tune in to Rachael Maddow or Stephen Cobert once in a while.

We are all in this country together and have interests in common whether conservative or liberal, believer or atheist, straight or gay, native or immigrant. Stand up for your fellow citizen when they are attacked. Refuse to accept the “free speech” justification for bigotry and intimidation.

We’ll continue to have some level of gun violence, but we can have less of it if we care enough to stand up for understanding, tolerance and inclusive opportunity.

Jay Davison


Dear Editor:

Oh, Oh — indulgent town father!

When I first saw the picture of our mayor, pen in hand, on the lower front cover of the Dec. 23, 2010, SUN issue, indulgently having signed a letter of intent, uncertainty evident as his left hand scratches at his temple, then I read the accompanying story about the proposed geothermal expansion system, it painted that indulgent image for me.

I can understand the pressure our mayor might feel put upon him. Seemingly looked upon to solve our unemployment woes or provide jobs.

Then along comes a practiced utility CEO, weaving magical words, singing the praises of our geothermal nugget without knowing that much about it, suggesting jobs at the expense of that little nugget.

And, now armed with unsubstantiated ideas strategically planted, our town father begins also to imagine a way to ease his constituents’ woes.

I use indulgent to define when a person(s) is asked to do something they are not absolutely sure of, but they indulge the one asking by agreeing or by signing support. Doing it anyway and hoping for the best. Or, when a potential profiteering entity looks to take advantage of the generally uninformed using impressive but baseless information that sounds good and everyone falls for it.

Here I provide a reminder, although an unpopular theory. It is not the mayor’s function to provide jobs. That is socialism. I fill in another vital detail that was ignored in the proposal. Our geothermal system is subject to being tapped out when too many tap in to it.

And, we already have two heat selling utilities here and they aren’t destroying our recreational waters providing it. Furthermore, the buildings that are already heated by geothermal water and the recreational entities who utilize the geothermal waters both already provide many jobs for this community, without wrecking or ruining our resource.

And, what is to become of their share of the heated waters if a big utility taps in, in a misguided attempt to sell heated water using that resource, to the rest of downtown and the whole of uptown like they say they plan to?

A juggernaut is anything that draws blind and destructive devotion. Now add to inflated grandiose statistics. Using the proverbial carrot to the workhorse, the story’s CEO uses phrasing intended to lead us to believe that they are interested in helping us. The truth is, that any company looks to their own profits. They are just as likely to bring their own tradesmen. And they may well leave us picking up the pieces.

Please take time to read or reread the article. Ask questions of the inflated statistics presented there. Ask who they aim to profit. Then go and influence our town board to avoid putting our existing geothermal and recreational resource and those already using it, in jeopardy.

Carmen Ferguson

Air show

Dear Editor:

I just read the article online about the air show. My husband and I read The SUN online since we plan on moving to Pagosa this year. I am also a private pilot at Page Field in Fort Myers, Fla.

I wanted to comment on the article to say that our air show called Aviation Day at Page Field in Fort Myers is one of the best public events we have. Even in this economy, and we are one of the worst states (economically), Aviation Day attracts thousands of people from all over Florida. Flying clubs, aviation businesses, EAA, 99s, etc., all have airplanes on display and booths for information. Food booths are set up that help fund the event. This event is free to the public and it provides a day of fun and recreation for a community. We do have a sponsor and board that organize the event each year. Port Authority is actively involved, also.

Anyway, I will stop my rambling … I just wanted to say that aviation events are great for the local economy and host city.

I wanted to add a word of support to the people trying to organize this event, that our Aviation Day has had its ups and downs. I think starting an event like this will grow every year like ours did. I think Pagosa will benefit from this aviation event. I know our city has.


Debra Stone Ferrari


Dear Editor:

I wrote a similar letter and misplaced it, but decided to try again since Elation for the Arts is going to have another concert on the 4th of February called “Pagosa Sounds.” We saw two out of three concerts last year. We saw “Holy Water and Whiskey” and I must admit that the name piqued my curiosity. It was a fun night with a delightful trio from Albuquerque and some of the closest harmony I have ever heard. Then on Dec. 17, they presented talent all over the place and lots of fun. When Jessica came on, about eight months pregnant and dressed like Mary, to sing, “Breath of Heaven,” there was a hush in that enormous building. There were delicious snacks and many pitched in to leave the gym exactly as they found it.

I would also like to thank the Garcias at the Everyday service station for the gift of the lower price of a gallon of gasoline. Although who would have thought that we would consider $2.859 a lower price for one gallon of gasoline.

Cindy Gustafson

A boon to Pagosa

Dear Editor:

During the 39 years that I’ve owned three vehicles, I have taken notes and listened politely to mechanics — including the triple A-endorsed kind — who told me, for example, in their unctuous manner that my car needed a delicate fuel injection system and impossible-to-find parts even though this teacher never drove a Lamborghini to school. It wasn’t carbon monoxide ingestion that induced them to elicit an unconscionable amount of money; rather, it was poised exploitation.

Thanks to a young local businessman-technician on Goldmine Drive just past Pagosa Mountain Home, I can differentiate serpentine and timing belts. The gentleman is scrupulous beyond belief; he is neither pedantic nor condescending, facilitating one’s decision with authentic car talk to expedite repair. One leaves his establishment sans misgivings, confident that one’s bank account will not be depleted.

His business is a boon to Pagosa, where choice has always been meager and attitude impervious.

Arlene Marcus


Dear Editor:

My Golly! It’s almost like old times. My odds-on favorite liberal Democrat baker, Ron “The Baker Man” Levitan, has resurfaced to cross swords on The SUN’s letter page.

Don’t know what I miss more, those fantastic pastry delights that he and his wife produced downtown all those years, or jist sittin’ on a couple 100-pound bags of flour back in Ron’s oven room captivated at his feeble attempts to critically justify president Clinton’s, “It all depends on what the definition of is … is,” and other memorable failures.

Actually, I’m content that Clinton wasn’t “impeached,” as the “Baker Man” would have lapsed into full-blown cardiac arrest — and it was definitely nigh. I wonder if Ron would agree that Obama should be tried for treason and run out of the country — back ta Africa!

Even the “Baker Man” would have to agree that there doesn’t seem ta be anybody in the White House who’s got any idea what it’s like to lie awake at night worried about money and worried about things slipping away … they don’t feel any of it, and I think folks sense that.

A recent AP headline: “Obama surprised by political cost of health care.” Give me a break. I don’t believe that lie for a second. Obumbler intended to do everything he did, exactly the way he did it. But now he’s got to pretend the destructive result is some sort of shock, “I had no idea.” BS! He doesn’t care what he leaves in his wake as he sets out to “fundamentally transform” America. He doesn’t care about the wreckage. The wreckage is the goal.

What really is a puzzle sometimes? Why would Obama isolate himself from virtually every group that matters in American politics? Congressional Democrats consider him distant and blame him for their historic defeat on Nov. 2. Democrat state party leaders scoff at what they see as an inattentive and hapless political operation. Democrat lobbyists feel maligned by his holier-than thou take on their profession. His own Cabinet — with only a few exceptions — has been marginalized.

The answer: Obama doesn’t give a damn what any of them think. They keep calling him aloof, detached, isolated, full of narcissism and hubris. Of course he doesn’t care. He’s still the One, in his mind. As such, he’s got his eyes on the prize: presiding over America’s decline. As far as he’s concerned, he is succeeding mightily!

Liberty is precarious. Take, for instance, Obama’s implicit attack on American capitalism, free markets, and private enterprise — the greatest engine of prosperity in human history — as expressed to Joe the Plumber: “When you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

No, it’s not. Not a single time. Never! Using government power to allocate “wealth” — by first confiscating it from the producers — has failed every time it’s been tried. This socialist doctrine has an unalloyed record of catastrophe: impoverishing every society it has shackled, spreading nothing around but misery, scarcity and want.

Yes, the “Baker Man” can sing the praises for Imam Obama — he voted for the jerk. Ron…don’t stay away till “2012,” these column’s need ya ta spread “the One’s” love … and his “Hail Marys!”

Jim Sawicki