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Wolf Creek Trailblazers to host state convention

The Wolf Creek Trailblazers snowmobile club is excited about hosting the upcoming Colorado Snowmobile Association convention, which is coming to town Jan. 28-30.

We’re looking forward to welcoming snowmobilers from all over the state to Pagosa Springs. We’ll have riders young and old, powder busters and families checking out our trails.

The southern San Juan Mountains are a beauty to behold, but the multiple trails in our area make Pagosa Springs a real gem for winter recreation enthusiasts. Our trails system offers snowmobiling for all levels of riders from trail touring to powder busting and everything in between.

The Wolf Creek Trailblazers Snowmobile Club is hosting this event to help provide revenue to our local businesses and to show snowmobilers and their families across the state what Pagosa Springs has to offer visitors both on and off the trails. The last time our club hosted a CSA convention was in the ’80s, so this is a really big deal for our club and our community as well!

We’re proud to have The Pagosa Lodge as the location for all of our events. We’ll kick off the convention with rides on Friday morning, followed in the evening with registration, welcome bags handout, and a welcome dinner (prepared by the club) of spaghetti, meat balls/sauce, garlic bread, salad and dessert. After the meal. participants will enjoy a live band in the bar or just sit and visit in the spacious but cozy lounge with a large fireplace. The Pagosa Lodge has graciously offered to let CSA use their glass-enclosed room in the lobby for CSA merchandise. If you did not make it to the Snow Expo in Denver, you’ll still be able to see and purchase the new merchandise with CSA’s new logo.

After the Saturday rides, we’ll return to The Pagosa Lodge for our awards banquet and a nice meal prepared by local caterer Cristine’s Cuisine (folks will not be disappointed). The CSA Annual Convention and Awards Banquet is a special time of the year when hard-working volunteers are honored for their efforts. Some of the awards presented are Snowmobiler of the Year, Snowmobile Family of the Year, Groomer of the Year, and Dealer of the Year. These winners are forwarded on for a chance to win at the national level. CSA’s own special awards are Friend of CSA, and Club of the Year. Some other fun awards will go to the Youngest Snowmobiler, Oldest Snowmobiler, and to Who’s Come the Farthest. We’ll also have drawings for various prizes which are donated by merchants and individuals; so, if you have something you would like our visitors to take home as a memento from Pagosa Springs, give us a call. As something special this year, CSA is raffling a handmade premium cotton flannel quilt donated by Dorothy Miller of Littleton, Colo., who is CSA Vice President Randy Miller’s mom and an excellent quilter.

By Saturday night, Pagosa’s hot mineral waters will be calling those tired snowmobilers to come and soak.

Sunday morning, it’s up and at ’em for the 8 a.m. CSA quarterly board of directors business meeting with elections of some officers and odd numbered district representatives. The board is made up of club reps from each of the 35 CSA snowmobile clubs. There are nine districts and Pagosa is in District 9, along with the San Juan Sledders of Durango and the Silverton Snowmobile Club. The executive board consists of the district representatives and the CSA state officers. The Pagosa Lodge is preparing a breakfast buffet to be served during the meeting, with rides immediately afterwards.

Last year, in an effort to allow more time for snowmobiling, the quarterly meeting was held on Sunday morning during breakfast and it worked out so well that we’ve decided to do it again. Previously, the board’s quarterly meetings were held before the convention banquet, but riders were always rushed to get back in time for the meeting. Our Rides Committee chairman for the convention is Lenny Baker and he is busy gathering up leaders for our three big days of riding.

And, for those who don’t want to snowmobile every day, Dee Butler, owner of Studio 160, is offering a special CSA convention discount of $10 off on services. Senior rates are slightly lower. Attendees can phone ahead for an appointment with their hair and nail specialists, or with Dee for a facial at 731-2273.

The Plaza Grille is offering a coupon for a free dessert with purchase of two entrees, as well as boxed lunches to go at a special price. The Pagosa Lodge is also doing sack lunches for our CSA Riders.

The Wild Spirit Gallery is offering a CSA discount on purchases and The Spa Motel is offering a reduced admission fee for their hot mineral waters.

The Chamber of Commerce is donating the Welcome Bags for the approximately 100-plus attendees.

The Pagosa Ranger District, our local Colorado State Parks office, as well as the state office in Littleton, Pagosa Family Medicine, The Pagosa SUN and the tourism board are also contributing to our Welcome Bags.

In the meantime, think snow!

For convention and club information, phone or e-mail Rhonda Britton, 264-2711 or, or Joe Merola, 946-7828 or

Trails description

All groomed trails are multiuse winter trails. Please slow down for skiers.

Wolf Creek Trails (eight to nine miles): Note: These trails are only groomed when there is not adequate snow to groom the lower elevation trails. This is a good area to ride when there is not adequate snow on the lower elevation trails. At 10,978 feet, Wolf Creek Pass is know for the “most snow in Colorado” and offers season long snowmobiling and offers meadows, hill climbs and lots of powder. It can be more difficult and one must watch for potential slide and avalanche areas.

East Fork Trail (12 miles): This trail is regularly groomed to Quartz Meadow and has open meadows with good powder snow. This trail provides access to Elwood Pass and Summitville, as well as access to the South Fork Trails system.

Nipple Mountain Trail (10-12 miles): This trail is regularly groomed and is an easy route that winds through spruce and aspen forest and has meadows and hills to play on with great views.

Porcupine Trail (five miles): This trail is regularly groomed and branches off the Nipple Mt. Trail. This is an easy pine tree lined route.

Four Mile Trail (eight miles): This trail is regularly groomed from the Four Mile winter trailhead to the turn around near the Weminuche Wilderness Area. This is a favorite trail for those who like to snowshoe and back country ski in the wilderness. This trail also branches off the Plumtaw Trail.

Plumtaw Trail (23 miles): This is a regularly groomed trail which is 23 miles from the Four Mile Trailhead to the east fork of the Piedra River. It may also be accessed from McManus Road where there is also parking available and from the Sportsman’s Supply Store off the Piedra Road. This is an easy trail ride with access to several meadows, pulloffs and stunning views. The movie, “The Cowboys,” starring John Wayne, was filmed in a large meadow known to the locals as “’J’ohn Wayne Flats.” This trail connects via the east fork of the Piedra River, when frozen, to the East Toner Trail and the Sportsman’s Supply Store.

Toner/East Toner Trails (9.5 miles): This is a regularly groomed trail which begins at the Sportsman’s Supply Store parking area and travels over FS Road 636 and joins FS Road 637 continuing on to the Piedra Falls trail parking area turn around. One may also travel via the East Fork of the Piedra River connector (when frozen) on to McManus Rd. and the Plumtaw Trail.

Turkey Springs/Monument Trails (20-plus miles): Turkey Springs is a regularly groomed nice easy riding trail with several logging roads to take off on. This trail (FS Road 629) provides access to the Turkey Springs Hut. The Monument Trail (FS Road 630) branches off of Turkey Springs Trail and has nice meadows. This is the winter access trail to the Holtz Spring hut. Monument Trail also provides access to the ungroomed West Monument Trail, which connects with First Fork Trails to the West.

First Fork Trails (17 Miles): First Fork Trail will be occasionally groomed, dependent on snow, and is a nice scenic ride without pulloffs. Horse Creek trail branches off of First Fork, connects to the ungroomed West Monument Trail and has meadows to play in. This trail has just been added to the 2010-11 grooming trails and has not been groomed in several years. Thus, grooming will depend on how much clearing can be accomplished before the snow season begins.