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Transformation of Earth’s humans

Mark Kimmel, internationally recognized author and speaker will present The Transformation of Earth’s Humans on Jan. 7, at 7 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Center in Pagosa Springs.

Mark is the author of five widely read books: “Trillion,” “Decimal,” “One,” “Creating the Cosmic Paradigm” and “Birthing A New Civilization.” He has been interviewed on numerous radio and television shows. Mark posts communications from off-planet sources at Mark’s Corner on the website: He will also introduce his new book, “Transformation: From Enslaved to Magnificent.” His presentation is being sponsored by the Institute of Light.

2012: Mark will discuss what is so different at this point in mankind’s history as we move toward this mystical date. Looking back on the unprecedented events of 2010, he will show how they provide insights into the extraordinary transformation of Earth and her humans in the months ahead including: Earth Changes and Pole Shifts — Magnetic and Physical, the Presence of Our Star Brothers and Sisters, and moving into Heart Consciousness and Oneness with All in the Universe.

After a wakeup call in 1987, Mark began to realize the actuality of extraterrestrials and celestials, their impact on our daily lives, and the truth that they walk among us. From skills learned during his business career, he avoided the fear-riddled perspectives of many who get trapped in the UFO and ET phenomena, and the secrecy and misinformation surrounding it. Unwilling to ignore the reality of mankind’s enslavement, Mark examines its causes and implications. By focusing on off-planet communications in his postings, writing, and speaking, Mark presents an enlightened vision for the future of humanity — if we will awaken to the challenges ahead.

In a business career spanning 33 years, Mark founded and ran three of the most respected Colorado venture capital funds. In addition to providing funding to over 50 companies nationally, Mark served on many portfolio companies’ boards helping them with strategy, tactics, and personnel. He retired from business in 1996. Mark has been listed in Who’s Who since 1985. He has degrees in engineering, marketing, finance, and psychology.

The Institute of Light is a 501(c)(3) corporation headquartered in Pagosa Springs.. It is dedicated to expanding awareness of Earth’s on-going transformation to a planet of light and love by providing education and sharing of personal awareness.