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Truly, a man of God: Okay if you call him Bruce

Have you been offended or burnt by a Christian?

I have, and I know how it feels.

I am sure I have offended others at times also. I write this article with my eyes and ears open. I have been in church for 45 years and seen a lot of things which have been passed off as “Christian.”

Yes, I have followed men and I know what it means to follow Christ. I don’t always do it right.

In the back of my mind, the probing question comes to me every time I sit down to write a faith article, “Why would someone want my faith? Am I living my faith? I can surely talk it, but do I believe it and live it?”

I had been visiting another state and I was invited to attend a large banquet. I was looking forward to hearing the speaker.

At a previous function in Dallas where my daughter attended, she told me, “Mother, you are going to be impressed by this man.”

I didn’t jump up or down, I just knew I wanted to hear him, after all I had read his book, “The prayer of Jabez.” Many have heard of him and followed him thirty years as he taught “Walking through the Bible.” His ministry is global; he has risen above the walls of denominations and he understands true worship.

My daughter was heading up this charity event, so I easily slipped into the inside crowd. I waited to hear the speaker’s heart. I have seen faith leaders in high places who have taken a role of entitlement. So for this man, who was to be the guest speaker, I came cautiously.

Before he arrived, he was asked if he had any requests, making his stay more comfortable. He only had one, he would like a king size bed, but a queen size would do. So the lack of requests from this man of God was refreshing.

In preparation for his coming, one of the ladies in the group, out of courtesy, asked his secretary if he preferred to be called by his title or by a certain name. The secretary said, “It doesn’t matter to him. We just call him Bruce.”

An update conference call before the event was enlightening. Knowing he was a busy man; the group assumed it would be a short conversation. The call lasted an hour.

He asked the group what their vision was, their needs and what they expected from him. The questions he asked brought them to a higher level of faith and a larger vision. He was genuinely interested and supportive of their needs.

He has sat with CEOs of big corporations and rubbed shoulders with government officials, his faith was larger than theirs. He brought them to a place where they could think outside of their realm.

Before the conversation was ended, he said, “I need to get off the phone now, I have another call scheduled. But let me pray for you first.” He gave them all the time they needed; he didn’t hurry off. He had memorized all the names of those who were a part of the conference call and spoke to them individually as he signed off.

After the phone call was over, my daughter and the others just sat in awe at the action of this man of God. He truly acted as the One he follows.

The banquet came, and the floods of heaven fell on the meeting.

I write all this because there are Christian leaders out there who stay before the Lord in prayer, who do not act like they are entitled to preferential treatment and who put themselves at the feet of others for service. These are truly men and women of God.

There are hirelings out there who scatter the sheep. They have climbed over the wall and have come to kill, steal and destroy. So if anyone has a bitter taste in their mouth because of past experiences, there are still men and women who have not bowed their knee to their own worth. Believe me, when you see them, it is refreshing.

By the way, you might know this truly man of God as Dr. Wilkerson, but he is okay if you call him Bruce.

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