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Gag orders issued in burglary case

Charles Edward Trogdon has been arrested four times, and five arrest warrants have been issued for the burglary suspect since early November. Now, gag orders have been issued in both Archuleta and La Plata counties, thus greatly limiting information that can be disseminated to the public concerning the man’s alleged crimes.

Deputy District Attorney Alex Lowe said Tuesday that a lot of information had been released early in the investigations into Trogdon’s alleged offenses and the D.A.’s office wants to lessen the chance of an appeal to change venue for any trials involving Trogdon.

Trogdon, 49, is the owner of Professional Exterminator, and is believed to have been in business since 1978, with many customers in the Four Corners region. He is suspected of thefts from the homes of customers over a period of many years, possibly totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, guns and jewelry stolen.

Trogdon has been arrested four times for burglary and has been served with five arrest warrants in Archuleta County and La Plata County since Nov. 1. He has posted a cash bond four times, for a total of about $76,000.

Thus far, Trogdon is suspected in more than 20 cases of theft, burglary and trespass in Archuleta County.

The number of cases in La Plata County in which Trogdon is a suspect was unknown as of press time. Other cases in Hinsdale and Montezuma counties also list Trogdon as a suspect.

“This guy was a one-man crime wave,” said Det. George Barter in a previous SUN interview.

ACSO personnel have carried out five searches of Trogdon’s property — three at his home located off of La Plata County Road 501, one at Trogdon’s sailboat at Navajo State Park and one at a mini storage unit in Bayfield.

ACSO personnel assisted La Plata County with a search of Trogdon’s property on Nov. 30. During the search, law enforcement personnel seized a number of stolen guns and $10,000 in cash. Subsequently, Trogdon was arrested for 1st degree burglary.

Victims began coming forward following Trogdon’s Nov. 1 arrest, after one victim in La Plata County reportedly caught Trogdon in the act of attempting to steal money from a nightstand.

The victim had discovered money missing several different times over a span of 18 months and had used Trogdon’s exterminating services for eight years, according to a LPCSO press release.

Another victim reportedly found Trogdon opening a jewelry box and had also noticed items missing over the past two years, the press release noted.