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Letters to Editor


Dear Editor:

What did Keynes really say regarding government spending … essentially that when the consumer quits spending, the government has to step in to stimulate the economy. Whereas Milton Friedman’s position was “rational consumers would spend a proportional amount of what they perceived to be their permanent income. Windfall gains (tax reductions) would mostly be saved; as rational consumers would predict that taxes would have to increase later to balance public finances.”

So, if we got in financial trouble generally due to our over consumption, high personal debt and “too-big-to-fail” banks cleverness, fear not — the GOP has found the answer. It was really Congress’ support of “undeserving” home ownership and if we rush out and buy something, consumption will save us! Doesn’t that “cure” sound familiar? Remember Bush telling us after 9/11 that we needed to go to the mall and buy something or al Qaeda wins?

Hey, listen: compromise is good, right? So let’s ask ourselves if the tax compromise doesn’t seem to make sense. Who would support it? How about the CEO of CitiBank — his personal tax savings will be $1.7 million, on $21 million compensation.

So how does the GOP tax compromise proposal work? Keep in mind their position is, that to balance the budget, “we need to cut spending and rely on tax cuts to spur the economy,” which in turn supposedly increases tax revenue. I know it’s about 85 percent BS, but follow their next positions: to achieve this magical goal let’s increase government borrowing (Greenspan said this is a tax hike) to continue the Bush tax reductions. Then we give the minimum of the related new $900 billion debt to those who (might) spend the money — the wealthy 1 percent, who at best produce about a 15-percent targeted stimulation of the economy. Yes, sounds like Yossarian in “Catch 22.”

Since they appear confused, lets just overlook the GOP/Tea Party’s position on debt. What are the services we can cut? Pentagon funding ... nope, we’ve never been closer to a third war front in Iran. Medicare? Sure, but most of the baby boomers will need it to survive. Education? Absolutely. Who needs educated youth to compete in the world market? Social Security? No question. But if your trade requires any manual work, you’ll just have to suck it up and work until you’re, say, 72. Yes, there is always room for efficiency in any government but, be honest, all the other government expenditures are budgetary bupkus. Was the GOP’s newfound “frugality, and coherent and consistent positions” the reason the TP chose to align with them, or was it genetic programming? Did you hear the one about the elected TP representative who was really angry ‘cause he had to wait a month for government health care? Fact.

Another fact: Our bipartisan Congress decided not to accept the bipartisan Deficit Committee‘s valid, pertinent, demanding recommendations on addressing our economic problems; but rather chose to forestall any real actions of leadership or responsibility.

Dave Blake


Dear Editor:

I would like to thank Peter Laue for the letter to the editor in the Dec. 16, 2010, SUN.

He expressed confusion about the multiple name or names of services under the governance of the Upper San Juan Health Service District.

I would like to take this opportunity to make the names clear for our community. Our original name of Pagosa Mountain Hospital worked as an appropriate name for the hospital services we began providing in January of 2008. Since that time, we have been successfully providing EMS and hospital services.

At the community’s request for additional services, we have also added several components including primary care, wellness, ultrasound, and coming soon, ophthalmology and gastroenterology procedures stretching the name beyond its initial function. As a result, we are renaming our EMS operations, hospital and clinic under one name: Pagosa Springs Medical Center (PSMC).

PSMC will function as an umbrella name effective January 2011 for all our current and future health services.

Brad Cochennet


Dear Editor:

I am opposed to the land exchange of Oakbrush Hill to developer Tom Smith. In 2004, Mr. Smith claimed he just wanted Oakbrush Hill for access to his proposed mega development. Now, he acknowledges that he wants it for the view lots, overlooking Hatcher Lake and the mountains north. Since 2004, he has obtained access to his development via Cloman Boulevard.

The Forest Service has said Oakbrush Hill is not accessible by the public. If the Forest Service provided some parking at the Job Corps site, for the public, that would help. There is an old road on the south side of Oakbrush Hill, which hunters use all the time and that leads to the top. The local residents also have said they would help build another trail up from the Job Corps site. It wouldn’t take much to make Oakbrush Hill more friendly for public use. I snowshoe there all winter and hike my dog and ride my horse in the warmer months. Why can’t the views be enjoyed by the public, instead of being used to add more millions to Mr. Smith’s pockets?

Marcia Jarvis

Not done

Dear Editor:

The Tea Party is not done yet!

We now owe 4 trillion dollars to foreign countries (Saudia Arabia and China). Billions are going every year just to pay the interest on the national debt. Wouldn’t it be nice if this money were used in a more productive way?

The Senate defeated the earmarks moratorium because 59 idiot Senators believe we need more bridges to nowhere and million dollar tunnels for turtles!

Thankfully, our two Colorado Senators, Bennet and Udall, voted for this bill. The tea party needs to target these other 59 idiots for extinction.

John Meyer


Dear Editor:

What the heck is all this talk about bipartisan coming together from all these lame duck liberal Waco’s in Congress? Pressure to compromise started election night, and it’s grown to a full-throated roar ever since — from both sides. Compromise? Folks, loser’s compromise. Winners do not compromise. The Democrats won nothing. The election was a wipeout, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Nov. 2 was a total rejection of the Obama agenda—and the Democrat Party.

This election was a repudiation the likes of which is rarely seen in electoral politics and it was a repudiation of the president of the United States, his agenda, and his Party. Make no mistake, the Democrats and their allies in the media know it full well. That’s why they’re now out with this spin that what it all means is the American people want compromise … BS!

If there’s any compromise that needs to take place, it’s Mr. Obama and the Democrats compromising with the American people, rather than governing against the will of the American people. The message of the election is, Barack Obama is not the only person who can scratch his nose with his middle finger. We scratched our noses with our middle finger all day November the second.

Presently, we are sitting on one of the greatest political opportunities of our lifetimes. The American people have just rejected liberalism; they need to understand and believe that’s what they did. Too many people don’t yet realize that what they voted against was liberalism. They think they’re voting against Washington not working. Why Washington doesn’t work needs to be explained to them. It doesn’t work because of liberals running it. It’s just that simple. It can be demonstrated. Everywhere liberals run the show in conjunction with unionism — we’ve got the examples of Michigan, New Orleans, San Francisco, every big city run by Democrats — you’ve got utter despair and destruction. It’s time it was pointed out.

The Democrats have now illustrated who they are, and what they do nationally if unchecked. When Americans see liberalism in action, they loathe it. Our natural, Creator-endowed love of liberty and its blessings reasserts itself; conservatism triumphs.

Where were we two years ago? The country seemed lost; some even believed it was over. Many feared America, as we knew it had been wiped out. No way! On Nov. 2, America as we know it spoke up and stood up, their slogan, “We are gonna turn things around and clean out the mess.” So help us, God.

Even the Democrat “Troglodyte” in Arboles, Mr. Bob Dungan, can see the scratchin’ on the cave walls. He knows that it’s gonna be rough and tumble from now on. Actually, he jist doesn’t want ta buy any conservative green bananas. It’s been said, “He’s really a fossilized Neanderthal — a bona fide antique.”

A very merry Christmas and conservative New Year, Mr. Dungan!

Jim Sawicki