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Girl Scouts of Pagosa present ‘The Gift of Christmas’

Hearts warmed and eyes sparkled as the Girl Scouts of Pagosa Springs presented “The Gift of Christmas.”

Girl Scouts, parent volunteers and troop leaders gathered together on Saturday, Dec. 11, to clean, decorate and make Christmas possible for one special family in our community.

Local churches were asked to provide the name of one family who might not get a Christmas this year. Names were placed into a hat and one special family was picked. This year that family was the Bacca family.

Girl Scouts collected a wish list from the family and worked together to collect money and gift donations during the months of October and November. Troop leader Anita Bowles was moved by the amount of support received from the community. “I saw the community enjoy helping us with this project.”

The family shared breakfast and a movie at a friend’s home while the Girl Scouts descended like Santa’s elves to work their magic on the Bacca home. Parent volunteer Lori Unger explained that the origin for the idea of “The Gift of Christmas” project was envisioned as troop leaders and Girl Scouts discussed ways Girl Scouts could impact the community.

“The community has given us so much,” exclaimed Unger. The Girl Scouts wanted to make a big impact and decided to provide everything one might need for the Christmas holiday—even down to the turkey dinner.

“This time of year is so busy that doing something for someone else fills my heart with what the season is really about; love, peace, and taking care of each other,” said parent volunteer Mara Koch.

As troop leader Monica Bradley watched her Girl Scouts decorate the Bacca’s Christmas tree she agreed, “The Gift of Christmas opened the eyes of my children and my Girl Scouts of how they can make a difference.”

After every stocking was hung and every Christmas ornament carefully placed, Girl Scout, Frankie Romero reflected, “I felt sad and happy at the same time. I felt like crying at times because of what we were doing.”

Girl Scout Brownie Brighid Parken added, “Helping the Bacca family have a Christmas made me feel happy!”

And the community continues to give as they support Girl Scouts once again.

“The Gift of Christmas project filled my heart and it makes me wonder what would happen if every neighbor in the world took care of each other like this,” said co-leader Tracy Patane.”

After the Girl Scouts faded into the afternoon light, a misty-eyed Kathleen Bacca stood speechless as her three children peered around corners finding evidence of sugar plum fairies.

“Thank you Girl Scouts,” Bacca whispered.

At those words, the spirit of Christmas filled every Girl Scout, “God bless us all; everyone.”