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An article concerning the Water Supply Community Workgroup (“Water group attempts to quell unease”) printed in the Nov. 25 edition of The SUN contained erroneous information about group member Cynda Green.

In one paragraph, it was implied that Green had written more than one article dealing with the group for a local website. Green confirmed Monday she had written only one such article.

The SUN story also stated that, ”Several members of the committee indicated they thought the information in the article wasn’t correct.”

Green said Monday she had inquired of group members whether or not they had issues with the factual content of her article, adding that she twice asked for such comments during the Nov. 22 meeting. No such remarks were forthcoming, said Green. Her statement was corroborated by group member Val Valentine.

An obituary for Laura Jean Gallegos, printed in Nov. 18 edition of The SUN, incorrectly listed Victor Montano as deceased. Mr. Montano is very much alive.