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Anniversary - Vicente and Norman Duran

Congratulations Vicente and Norman Duran on 50 golden years. Mom and Dad married Nov. 26, 1960.

For 50 years you’ve been together, and through those years you’ve shown us how to live. You brought us up to be the best that we can be, always pushing us beyond our abilities. You taught us how to give, but most importantly, you taught us how to love. Love conquers all things and today you’re living proof of that. Your strong work ethic and your love of family are definitely to be admired, but your love for Christ is what made our house a home. You’ve dealt with life like champions and conquered more than most. You’ve blessed all of those who know you, in more ways than you’ll ever know. So, Mom and Dad, today we celebrate you and at the same time “thank you” for setting the example of love and perseverance in being the parents God intended you to be for 50 golden years.

Love, Jody, Bradley Dina and Jody Lynn