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BoCC to consider land use code amendments

A number of long-discussed proposed land use code amendments are slated to come before the Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners on Dec. 7 for decision, potentially putting months of conversation on the topics to an end.

With hours of conversation garnered from the planning department’s series of “Road Show” meetings that began in January and extended to recent November planning commission meetings, RV camping will be among the topics discussed.

Under the proposed amendment, RV camping is allowed for up to 120 consecutive days in a 12-month period with no waste discharge and setback requirements must be met.

RV camping is also allowed in conjunction with an active building permit.

Also on tap for the BoCC is an amendment to the definition of “accessory structures” where commercial or industrial uses require “appropriate land use permit (whether CUP or UBR)” and allowing residential accessory structures to be placed on a lot without a primary structure present first.

In an attempt to close loopholes in the current language, the BoCC will hear an amendment about agriculture-related mining, more specifically activities that do not require a state permit.

The amendment would not allow county roads to be used for gravel hauling without a permit, but would allow mining on large properties as long as all activities are at least 1,000 feet from a neighboring residence. Under the amendment, the size of the area and cubic yardage mined is limited.

Planning department staff will also recommend that exemption plats be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the BoCC.

Exemption plats are intended for traditional agricultural uses, but law affords the BoCC discretion.

Under the planning staff’s recommendation, no more than one home will be allowed on a new tract, with two on the original tract. The properties would be required to use the same access, and, among other things, the property owners would be required to meet noticing requirements pertaining to neighbors.

Also on the agenda for the BoCC are exempt uses for dwellings and structures associated with agriculture, under which agricultural uses are exempted under the LUC.

The BoCC will also consider an amendment to the number of dwellings per lot, tract and parcel, in an attempt to clarify current language in the code.

Under the proposed amendment, on non-agricultural properties, there is a limit of two dwellings allowed depending on the size and zoning of a piece of land.

Lastly, planning department staff will request that the definition of a manufactured home be changed to be consistent with the 2006 International Building Code.

Actual language of the proposed amendments is available from the planning department by calling 731-3877 or e-mailing

The BoCC meeting is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 7.