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Letters to Editor


Dear Editor:

“The greatest strength of mankind is the ability to choose what one believes,” Euripides.

Hmmm, be careful what you wish for. People really do vote based on perceived economic trajectories, not a simplistic one-facet position.

We all recognize that an economic correction is critical for our related survival. But consider this latest illogical, irrational and highly hypocritical act we are about to accomplish, significantly supported by the Tea Party: extend the “Bush tax cuts” for the super rich. Maybe the Tea Party hasn’t quite grasped this act of free market expression for the wealthy generates (at best) an 18-percent revenue (mostly capital gains) for the U.S. vs. allowing them to expire creates 85-percent general revenue (D. Stockman, Reagan’s budget director). Revenue. Isn’t that a bad word? Look at it this way, extending these specific tax cuts means that our nation borrows most of it from the Chinese, another $700-800 billion for 1 percent of the nation. So who will get a large chunk of the money from the continuity of the top-end tax breaks. Well, did you know Wall Street (too-big-to-fail) investment banks just announced they intend to award $144 billion as largest ever bonuses this coming year end. Think congressional earmarks are terrible, this single give-away dwarfs multiple years of earmark funds. You can only hope the Republican Party’s constituency appreciates your support.

More insanity. TARP wasted a trillion dollars. Fact: we’re almost entirely repaid, will in the end likely show revenue and the American auto industry has never made better products. More: “Death Panels” will take over health care. Fact: insurers (the folks increasing the cost of our health plans twice within a year without any independent actuarial justification) have been denying your free choice of medical care since they set up plans. And the list of Tea Party’s “astute, researched, factual absolute garbage” just goes on and on.

A very tough fact to accept: there is only one group/generation of people (to which I belong) that has taken the greatest power on earth to the brink of economic destitution within 70 years — the “Baby Boomers.” Our president didn’t create this mess, we did, and his way out may not be yours; but demonizing him for our general stewardship failures is at the very best escapism.

Dave Blake


Dear Editor:

The following is a note to thank one young man that had stopped at a wreck on U.S. 160 west of town on Friday evening, Nov. 12.

I was headed home with my wife when we both saw a torn up pickup in the westbound line across the road. I stopped and ran up to the vehicle and saw two young men in the vehicle, one lying sideways behind the wheel and another leaning over him. The apparent driver was severely injured with a head wound to the right side of his skull and severely bleeding. The second young man was holding that side of the man’s head and talking to the victim who was not responding to the young man, but he continued to talk to him anyway.

The severely injured man was moaning, shallow breathing, eyes closed without movement. I ran back to my vehicle and got a first aid kit and returned to assist the first respondent. During this time a deputy arrived and was given an assessment of the driver’s condition, which was relayed to dispatch.

My point of this letter is to thank this unidentified young man for his courage and bravery in this crisis. It makes me feel proud that we here in Archuleta County have such self giving and sacrificing young people. I am proud and deeply honored to have come into contact with such a high caliber individual. These “unsung heroes” and I do mean heroes, should not go unnoticed or unthanked for their selflessness.


Allan Boelter

Viet Nam veteran


Dear Editor:

Conservatives like Fox News. Liberals like MSNBC. The remaining ambivalence like CNN. Propaganda of any form works simply by appealing to our basic belief systems (“believing is seeing” or “you have your facts and I have mine”). But, what is truth? Where is common ground? Does it matter any more?

Tom Cruse


Dear Editor:

In response to the letter written last week entitled “Adoption,” I have two words: Quit breeding! I am not talking about the animals either.

Funny, you sound like an empathetic person, but evidently your empathy for God’s creatures, human or animal, only goes so far.

You use words like “revolting” and “insane nonsense” when referring to people who use the word “adoption” freely.

I have no children, do not care to adopt a child, and choose to have dogs because, frankly, I like them better than most humans. Those dogs are my children and, yes, I rescued one and adopted the other two.

I know of several people who care for their pets like children and could not bear to be without their pets.

The one thing animals cannot do is make a conscious choice whether or not to reproduce, so we humans step in and spay or neuter, those of us who are responsible pet owners, that is. Human beings can definitely determine whether or not they should be reproducing, even when they are illegals, or married, or stupid kids out for a good time. You get the picture. What do you think? Maybe we should be fund-raising for some spay and neuter clincs for those that cannot be responsible and keep populating the world, not to mention that there is always someone’s tax dollars hard at work feeding those orphans.

Adoption as you so kindly defined, fits the bill for people or animals in my opinion.

In the end, it is just a matter of responsibility.

Shellie M. Haines


Dear Editor:

Am I stupid?

The administration claims we cannot afford to extend the Bush tax cuts. We can, however afford to give a $7,500 tax credit to the purchasers of a Chevy Volt plus a $2,000 tax credit for an extra powerful charger.

Go ahead if you want to; give your money to government so they can dole it out to whoever they please. I would prefer to spend my money on what I chose instead of what Obama wants. Am I stupid or is this administration hypocritical?

John Meyer

No mercy

Dear Editor:

Since Jan. 2009, the message of Obama, Pelosi, Dingy Harry has been, “Shut up and sit down. We know what’s best for you fuzzy-thinking rubes.” Sadly, many in the Republican Party have given us the same message. With this election, it’s our turn to deliver a message. The message is: You’re fired, you failed, greedy, authoritarian, elitist snobs. Your smoke screen is over. You got us in this mess. We have a far left ruling class presiding over a center-right country, and the results have been an utter disaster, politically, culturally, financially. It’s a catastrophe. We are witnessing it. We’re living it.

Compromise is not the solution. We’ve been pummeled; we have been beaten up by liberalism for far too long. It’s time ta strike back, with the first blow delivered on Nov. 2. This is an opportunity that cannot and will not be wasted. Compromise? No way! That’s not how this gets fixed.

There’s no more compromising with Democrats than you can compromise with Castro. You don’t compromise with the Taliban. You don’t compromise with Lenin. You don’t compromise with Stalin.

Any Republican who puts working with Democrats ahead of working for the American people will suffer the same fate as the Blue Dog Democrats: become an instinct species. Ask yourself, if the Democrats are so interested in compromise, why have they let their Blue Dogs go over the cliff and die in a political sense?

Actually, the message to Republicans is very simple. Do not dare betray the voters. We fully expect to see: government spending slashed, across-the-board tax cuts enacted, Obamacare repealed, the private sector unleashed, federalism revived, the borders restored, Washington defanged and defunded. That’s the agenda. In a few words: Stop Obama and his appointed czars.

You’ll note that compromise with Democrats is not on the list. In truth, Americans, traditionally, are not motivated by fear, they just hunger for leaders of any color or background who embrace American culture and traditions as the cradles of individual liberty and achievement.

This voter’s message comes with a dire warning: Either you get on our page, or we’ll find public servants who will be on our page. This is going ta be a severe and repeated education of the elites, delivered by the people, and may well take many electoral cycles.

This election is the first step of many ta set things right. It is just the beginning—the opening battles in a long war. But I’m optimistic, because I’ve never seen such a groundswell, at least not in my lifetime.

Turns out, the country now has learned the painful lesson that Obama wasn’t the one we’ve been waiting for. Turns out Democrats weren’t the ones we’ve been waiting for. We’re the ones everybody’s been waiting for. Not his idiotic, destructive, jackass policies — Us.

The newly-elected had best pay attention. We fully intend ta hold you accountable. There will be “no mercy” the next election should you fail to produce.

Jim Sawicki


Dear Editor:

On 11/10, The Greenway Team from Boulder gave a presentation to a sizable group regarding the amazing possibilities for a much needed trail system in and around PS. It was impressive, as was the showing and participation of many locals. Many thanks to Karen (county planning), James (town planning), to Michael Whitting and others for working together to again fuel this fire; we really need this for our town.

Trails systems in towns/cities are increasingly in demand by their locals. They also create an important amenity for those looking to move to a new area. It’s accurate to say that well planned trail systems in municipalities become a huge draw, therefore creating vitality within a community that is hard to match; Durango is a good example. Trails are intended to accommodate walkers, runners, commuter cyclists, skateboarders, cross country skiers, Moms with strollers, even equestrians. They are a viable means of transportation for many, a lovely amenity for fitness pursuits for others, and a means for healthy social interaction for all. They literally connect communities, as trails often wind through residential areas while linking major vocal points of the community together such as shopping or schools. Provided along the way are lovely resting spots, in our case several such areas have been suggested to offer the most amazing views. Trail systems help keep children away from vehicular traffic and speak volumes regarding the level of a community’s environmental consciousness. It is also proven that property values increase where trails are easily accessed.

The implementation of a well planned trails system would help Pagosa stand out as a desirable Colorado mountain town to live. We are an outdoor lover’s paradise; linking trails in and around our town would practically enhance year round activities for all while showcasing a community that is committed to providing for their residents. It’s important to implement certain amenities that would draw new residents; this would.But, it is even more important to provide amenities for those who already live here. This would. And, it would cover the needs and wants of people of all ages and all abilities; being mutually inclusive. We need this as well.

This project must have community support. Please, attend meetings, offer feedback, stay informed, ( — our projected project is shown along with other success stories), write letters/articles, speak to friends, etc. It needs fuel to reach completion; locals can provide that. Please, for those who care, let our officials know that this is important for the vitality and growth of this community.

And finally, a bit off the subject but very important if we are to move forward in any arena.

Remember the old cliche? “For every one finger pointing out, there are three more pointing in!” If we each spent the time correcting our own “flaws” as we do lamenting about others, we could be one heck of an awesome community. Let’s turn the tides, let’s work together and get some things done.

Veronica Taylor


Dear Editor:

The assessor’s race results were surprising. Even though the county assessor position is not political, apparently some people disagree. Fred Uehling, who was the Democratic candidate for the assessor’s position, was by far the more qualified of the two candidates. Are not education and experience values we want to see in county government?

Our dedicated group of campaigners worked so hard. We’ll always be thankful for their efforts, belief, and support. We’re proud of the job they did. We made some wonderful friends in this campaign and we’ll always be in their debt.

As Fred said in a recent e-mail to his supporters, his goal for the county was to have a better future for all. He wanted people elected who are competent and have moral courage and integrity to do the right thing. The rest of us thank him for running because he would have made a superb assessor.

Annette Uehling