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Tighe hired as Community Grant Coordinator

Mary Tighe has been hired as the Community Grant Coordinator, effective Nov. 1, 2010.

Tighe brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into the position. A native of Nebraska (via California to Colorado), Mary has enjoyed a working knowledge of Pagosa Springs and Archuleta County over the previous 15 years.

“I have a long-standing dedicated interest in regional development for balanced, sustainable growth. I look forward to enhancing our unique traditions, while also supporting new traditions as our community deems appropriate,” said Tighe. She possesses extensive experience in event organization, public relations, marketing, resource management, and most importantly, attainment of grants.

All involved are very excited to have someone of Mary’s caliber join our team and the community. Mary’s educational background includes degrees in marketing and communications (UC San Diego), an M.S. in recreation/arts (Cal State Univ. Northridge, CA), and a B.S. in rec/gerontology/econ (San Jose State). Tighe also completed a three-month Stanford University internship with regional resource development. She will be a considerable asset to the entire community in so many ways, and has already demonstrated her passion for the position and the success stories are going to mount as she settles into the newly-created position. The Town of Pagosa Springs, the Town Tourism Committee, Archuleta County and the CDC are jointly funding the position. This is a position desperately needed. Now that we have found the ideal person, all that is left is to monitor the results.