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Knocking on the right door

I guess you need to know whose door you are knocking on. If you come to my door, you might find yourself in the newspaper. I told the editor I was stepping on toes in this article. He said, “Go for it.”

Can we step on toes and have love in our hearts? I hope so. This week, two nice little ladies with a tract came knocking on my door. Another couple sat in the car as a backup. I greeted them with a smile and a warm hearty handshake. They were concerned about where I might spend eternity. I appreciated their concern but I assured them I knew exactly where I would spend eternity and how and whose merit I had entered in by. I assured them that it was not by my own merit.

I commended them on their diligence but told them I was also concerned they might be peddling the wrong message up and down the Lower Blanco.

Picture a Hollywood western movie. This is how it played out. The little ladies with hair buns, lace collars buttoned high on their necks, wearing long skirts, packing pistols on their hips and a tract in their hands; climbed down from the wagon while two of them held back. These little ladies had a burr under their saddle and they came to do business. I knew their business and I met them at the door. They were on a mission and were not going to give in. They reached for their guns with fingers twitching. I said,

“Mam!” I believe we are of different spirits.”

Suddenly, I was dodging the bullets. Everything slowed, they fired a scripture at me and I fired one back, I was ready. Spiritual bullets were flying. We were shooting at each other but no one dropped dead. We just kept shooting and the Holy Bible became the battle field. I stood behind my Bible, it protected my very heart.

I told them,

“Salvation is not by works but by the grace of God and we receive it by faith in Jesus. If you are telling people they have to work their way to heaven, you are misleading them and your work is in vain.”

They shot the Book of James at me, “Faith without works is dead.” I grabbed the bullet with my bare hands and fired Ephesians 2 back at them.

It was a standoff. Finally, in genuineness of heart, I offered to pray with the little ladies. They refused.

“You’re right, we are of different spirits,” one of them said with spurs klinking as they headed into the sunset. They left with unfinished business. I am sure they will be back some day. I keep my protector close to my heart and ready for them.

Religion tries to make it too complicated. God made the way narrow, but simple. If you believe the Bible is the true Word of God, then you will see the answer on every page. His name is Jesus. When He said, “It is finished”, it is finished. We need to trust and walk in the finished work of Christ. Now I ask, is the gift of salvation free or not? Is it up to God or up to me? This is where all the religious notions come in.

There are many notions flying around. This week, we heard words from a man who out and out denied the existence of God. He did it with such surety, the audience stood and clapped. And my question was,”“How can people be so deceived?”

Then I remembered all the religious deception that I bought willingly years ago because I didn’t know any difference. I trusted in what I heard, not understanding the Word and not knowing how to test the truth of it.

In these last days we need to know what we believe. We need to seek God for truth. Lives are in shambles, families have been torn apart, people are running in different directions, and all wondering what the future will bear.

Some will have itchy ears and will eagerly accept any man’s notion and be deceived. God gave us the answer in Himself. He provided a way. It is our response to Him. He is faithful to give to anyone wisdom if they seek Him. Today is the day of Salvation.

Maybe the two little ladies with the tract came to the right Door and didn’t know it.

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