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Celebration planned at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church

Gifts of land, anonymously given funds to construct buildings, a stranger who created amazing stained-glass windows then disappeared before payment could be offered, an extremely generous general contractor and dedicated church and community volunteers are a few of the unanticipated contributions that have sustained and grown St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Pagosa Springs during the past 40 years.

During the 1998 planning stages for a new and expanded church facility, magazine pictures representing the Lewis Street facility deficits and possibilities for the new buildings were pasted on a Dream Sheet for all to discuss. The most interesting and factual representation was a picture of an open can of sardines stuffed with people, which symbolized the facility’s lack of church seating and study areas for the growing congregation.

With a good bit of humor, hard work and commitment within six months following the ground breaking, a new church facility located at 225 South Pagosa Blvd. was dedicated on Nov. 23, 2002. Over the years, the church membership has changed and grown as our mission and service to the area and beyond has grown exponentially.

St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church invites the community to join us as we celebrate our 40th anniversary in Pagosa Springs. Sunday morning church services on Nov. 7 will include a celebratory service followed by a reception in the Parish Hall. A number of priests who have served the congregation will join the weekend of festivities including Bob Pope, Scott Hollenbeck, Annie Ryder, Andrew Cooley and James Ragsdale.

Please join St. Patrick’s congregation as we celebrate our exciting history in Pagosa Springs and look forward to expanding our services to our community.