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Cards of Thanks


The Pirate Achievement Center at the Pagosa Springs High School would like to extend our appreciation to several community members for helping us pull off a wonderful three-day raft trip on the Colorado River. Our two volunteers on the trip, Julie Ogier and David Armbrecht, worked tirelessly to make sure each student had a wonderful experience while on the river. Wilderness Journeys graciously loaned us our lifejackets, paddles and duckies for the trip. Ray and Teddy Finney allowed us to take their paddleboat down the river, and their trailer helped us tremendously in our transportation of gear. The students and teachers at the PAC realize that without the support of generous people such as this, our program would not be the same. Thank you to these and all the other community members who have supported us over our first three years and continue to support us as we look forward to our next adventure.


We would like to express our sincere appreciation at the outpouring of love and support we have received by so many family and friends. The number of people we have seen and spoken to over the past couple of weeks is a testament to the type of person Andy was. The loss of Andy has been extremely difficult, but the mass amount of affection we have received from all of you has helped us, and will continue to help us, as we deal with our grief one day at a time. Our hearts are broken, but with time they will eventually begin to mend, however, they will never be completely healed and the emptiness we feel inside will never be completely full again. When Andy was taken from this world, he took a piece of us with him. We take comfort in the many memories we have of him. Thank you again for the phone calls, visits, food, hugs, kind words, love and support. We can’t truly put into words how much it means to us.

Andres and Della, Carol and Adolph, Marino, Sr., Audrey and family, and Adam, Angelene and family