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Study explores the spiritual life

Now and again, an author’s combined works so dramatically impact the readers’ thinking and perception that life-changing opportunities are created for each reader. Their writings are read, re-read and studied by decades of faithful followers.

Henri Nouwen, priest and author, is that type of inspirational writer.

The community is invited to another 10-week, non-denomination study exploring the spiritual life as a journey of faith and transformation — a life that is deepened by accountability, community and relationships. The study text Spiritual Direction — Wisdom for the long Walk of Faith by Henri Nouwen is wrapped in parables, personal narratives and biblical reflections. Nouwen’s text guides the reader on a faith-deepening journey.

The weekly study is designed to include everyone, from any walk of faith, religious affiliation or non-affiliation, from those who consider themselves deeply spiritual to those who are simply curious or spiritually provoked. Participants will explore Nouwen’s universal spiritual questions through the use of personal reflection exercises and group discussions.

Class facilitators will guide the small group discussions as we seek to reorient our often too busy, stress-filled lives in order to open the door to true spiritual transformation.

In Nouwen’s own words, “Being formed in God’s likeness involves the struggle to move from absurd living (distractions and disruptions), to obedient listening.”

Beginning Nov. 13 at 10 a.m., participants will utilize the timeless wisdom of this renowned author to enhance their faith commitment to the spiritual disciplines required to live a spiritual life. The first meeting will be held at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, 225 S. Pagosa Blvd. Each small group will develop their meeting schedule including location.

Nouwen’s book is available from numerous websites and local bookstores. Please bring both Nouwen’s book and a journal to the November meeting.

There is no participation fee, however, participants are asked to register for the class prior to Nov. 10 by contacting Sally Neel, 946-6458 or St. Patrick’s Church, 731-5801.