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Building a solid foundation of faith

Faith is not possessed solely by those who believe in God or Jesus as the Christ. In fact, every person has faith in many things. You believe that when you flip a light switch the light will come on or you would never flip it. You believe that two plus two equals four and in that belief, you are able to lay a foundation for subtraction, multiplication, and division.

So how did you come to believe in those things? You examined the evidence. You tested it. A teacher taught you two plus two equals four. Your parents told you it was so. And you began counting. You counted apples and oranges. You counted buttons. You counted birds and animals. Every time it came out two plus two equals four. The same is true with the light switch. You tested it. You flipped light switches in many places and guess what? The lights come on. Now you put your faith in those facts because you believe they are true.

The same is true concerning your spiritual faith. Faith must also come by examining the evidence. John wrote that the events he recorded from the life of Jesus “have been written that you may believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name.” Paul writes, “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” When you hear God’s word, examine the evidence. You would never want to have a blind faith in something simply because someone said it was true. Spiritual faith, like faith in anything, comes not from a blind leap in the dark but rather a walk across the bridge of evidence.

Many people disregard faith in spiritual things because they have not examined the evidence. Statements like “God is just a crutch” or “Dead“men’s bones don’t’ rise” are signs of this. Some people make up their minds before investigating the evidence. If you disregard Christianity without looking at the evidence because faith is involved, reason suggests you abandon all beliefs. Rather than automatically disregarding the possibility of a higher power or a resurrection or that the Bible is a book from God, let us evaluate whether our faith is properly placed and based on solid evidence. Discussing this with others may help decide whether that faith rests on valid evidence.

There is evidence that there is a God. There is evidence that the Bible is God’s word and provides spiritual truth for man. There is evidence that Jesus is the Son of the God and the Christ. Only by examining the evidence can you discover spiritual truths that build a solid foundation for faith.

After majoring in college for a year and a half in architectural engineering, I decided to change majors. After transferring to Oklahoma Christian College, I began work on a degree in ministry and Biblical studies. One day after attending classes for a month, I went to breakfast and began to have the biggest doubts about whether there was even a God. Here I was at a Christian college surrounded by believers and yet having a faith crisis. When I told an elderly student there about my struggles, he had little sympathy. He said, “Everyone knows there is God.” I felt he was telling me that because of my doubts I must be stupid. Yet I would never accept any belief because he or my parents or someone else said it was so. I want to know for myself and that comes by investigating the evidence. My desire to search the evidence never weakened my faith but made it stronger.

When you find your faith wanting, as often happens for many people at various times in their life, go back to the evidence. Seek it out. Talk with others. It does not mean you are weak. It is the way we grow stronger by making sure we have a strong foundation for our faith.

When we expend all the reason and arguments and facts, we still find we accept many things based on faith. Two plus two equals four, the light switch turns on the light, Christian beliefs. We should always build our faith on a solid foundation of fact after examining the evidence. A solid faith will not be tried and found wanting.

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