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PLPOA conducting population survey

In the fall publication of PLPOA’s newsletter, which property owners have just recently received, and I hope have read, includes a population survey form. It’s on the back page.

This survey is a tool to assist PLPOA in gathering current and accurate information for updating a population and living-unit report. Please take a few minutes to fill out the form. The information you provide will make the report more accurate and show the actual population for our community.

Return completed surveys to the administration office at 230 Port Ave. or the recreation center. Even easier, fill out the survey electronically at the Association’s website:

Property owner orientation

The Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association will hold an Owner’s Education meeting the evening of Oct. 27. at 5:30 p.m. in the PLPOA Clubhouse located at 230 Port Ave. The meeting is open to new owners, oldtimers or any owners who would like more information about their association.

There will be presentations by our Department of Property and Environment, which not only does the maintenance on association-owned buildings such as the recreation center and the clubhouse, but also watches over the lakes and fishing, does noxious weed spraying and fire mitigation; the Department of Recreational Amenities which operates the recreation center; the Department of Covenant Compliance which processes all building applications and processes covenant violations; and the Administration Department, which takes care of accounting and administrative functions.

The board of directors will attend, along with members from our various committees. Come and learn about the operations of the association and your rights and responsibilities as a member of your community.

Appliance drive

If you have non-functioning appliances that are sitting in the garage or, worse, in the driveway or yard, call the PLPOA office, 731-5635, immediately to get your name and address on the list for free pick-up of these pieces on Nov. 1.

This is a service provided by PLPOA for all property owners and their renters. Take advantage of it and, in the process, help your home and neighborhood look neat and well kept.