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Pagosan works on Rights of Passage Adventure staff

John Hunts, a Pagosa Springs seventh-grade “Journeyman” (J-Man) in the Boys to Men Mentoring Network, recently staffed the Rites of Passage Adventure, ROPA, at the Boys and Girls Ranch near Lamy, N.M.

Hunts joined 25 staff, men and Journeymen in initiating 13 boys, ages 12-17, as new Journeymen. Journeymen are boys who have completed their Rites of Passage initiation and are on their journey to manhood

The Rites of Passage Adventure, ROPA, is an intense three-day training for boys who desire to begin their journey to manhood.

The training, led by nationally-trained facilitators, challenges the boys to answer the following questions: Who am I? Who do I want to be, choosing the man I will become? The boys are encouraged to get in touch with and express their feelings. This creates a transformational experience that aids the boys in coping with the ordeals they face during adolescence.

Following the weekend, the new Journeymen are invited to participate in regularly scheduled group meetings with their adult mentors and other Journeymen. These meetings or “J-Groups” are facilitated by adult mentors who mentor by modeling emotionally healthy manhood. The mantra of Boys To Men is to: Love, Admire, Mentor and Bless, “L.A.M.B.”

For more information about the International Boys To Men Mentoring Network contact John Gwin, 731.9666 or