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‘Plaid Tidings’ will usher in the Christmas season in Pagosa

In case you’re considering entertaining yourself with an out-of-town shopping trip but wish to avoid all that holiday muzak-monotony at the mall during the annual Thanksgiving shopping frenzy, we thought we’d save you the time and expense of the mall trip.

Let us entice you to stick around town and experience a much more inspirational (and cheaper) foray into the holiday spirit with our homegrown presentation of the musical, “Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings.”

If the title doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you’ll remember Music Boosters’ 2000 production of ’“Forever Plaid.” This show was so well received and well done that we took it on the road and presented it at the Southwest Colorado Community Theater Association’s annual theater festival.

“Forever Plaid” is a take on the ’50s guy groups that performed tight harmony versions of pop tunes, sending all the gals to swooning. The long and the short of it is the story of a singing group, the Four Plaids, who are on their way to a gig when their car is hit by a school bus. They don’t realize they’ve moved to the great beyond and find themselves somehow back on earth where they continue to perform their greatest hits.

“Plaid Tidings” continues the tradition when the Plaids are once again sent back to earth to carry out a secret mission. They, however, do not know what it is ... they simply know they must do what they do best as the “Celestial Guardians of Harmony.” Thus, they launch into song. They fumble about in confusion until at last they receive a call from Rosemary Clooney who informs them of their true mission this time round: they are to do a show that will bring harmony into an increasingly inharmonious world.

The Plaids go on to feature many of the Perry Como hits from their first show along with those of a decided holiday flavor. Standard Christmas tunes are dressed up in plaid and presented with a panache that only the Plaids can evoke.

Should you be of a vintage to remember the songs of the ’50s, you’ll be pleasantly transported back to those marvelously naïve moments in time, assuming of course that you were once naïve.

And if you’re too young to remember, you will get to experience a hint of what those times were like, at least musically.

No matter what your vintage, you are sure to be charmed by the talents of our performers and musicians who are working hard to delight and entertain you.

Make sure to mark your calendar and get your tickets soon. Tickets are now available at the Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center, online at, or at the door on performance dates. Show dates are Nov. 18, 19, and 20 at 7 p.m., with a matinee performance on Nov. 21 at 2 p.m. at the Pagosa Springs High School auditorium.

We look forward to seeing you there!

For further information, call Lisa Hartley at 731-2130 or Dale Morris at 731-3370.