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PLPOA to hold appliance drive, pick up scheduled for Nov. 1

There is a respected mountain bike trail in Taos called by the locals the “Dump-to-Dump Trail.”

The trail takes cyclists to the top of a hill that commands a lovely vista of the town. What the trail also commands, and where it gets its name, is the huge (unofficial) trash graveyard at both the beginning and the end. Piled high are discarded bed springs, mattresses, home appliances, car tires, furniture and whatever else is too much work for some lazy people to haul to a municipal dump site. Can you see this? Load up the junk the wife and the kids and take a drive out to some quiet and scenic dirt road — then park and push all the nasty stuff out of the car. What are they thinking?

This “Dump-to-Dump” trail scenario is not unique to Taos. It seems every community has its own little shameful secret. Look no further than Pagosa Lakes. Just last year a big community-wide effort was launched to clean years of trash that had been deposited in Martinez Canyon behind Trails Subdivision. Hundreds of pounds of trash were carried out by volunteers who climbed up and down the steep slopes. But, sadly, some large and heavy pieces still sit in the canyon until such time when a safe, inexpensive and effective system can be implemented to get them hauled out.

The PLPOA, as a service to property owners within Pagosa Lakes, is holding an appliance drive on the morning of Nov. 1.

If you have one or more appliance (refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, or washer/dryer) that you’d like to throw away, please call the PLPOA office at 731-5635 to add your name to the list. The association will need your address so they know where to pick up the appliance(s), and to confirm that you live within the Pagosa Lakes area.

Your appliance(s) must be placed at the curb of your driveway no later than 9 a.m. on the morning of Nov. 1, and the PLPOA staff will come and pick them up for you. That’s it! No fuss; no costs. It doesn’t get any easier than this, so take advantage of this worthy service while you can. And together we can keep our neighborhood looking neat and well-kept.

Committee vacancies

Pagosa Lake Road Advisory Committee (RAC) has vacancies that will need to be filled. The RAC is a standing committee empowered by the PLPOA board of directors to provide advice and counsel the board on matters pertaining to roads within the Pagosa Lakes subdivisions. The committee intends to work closely with the County Road Task Force. Property owners interested in serving on the RAC must be members in good standing of the PLPOA. For a committee application, please contact the association’s administrative office at 230 Port Avenue; call them at 731-5635 or e-mail

Tonight, the PLPOA board of directors will hold their monthly meeting at 7 p.m. in the Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse. PLPOA members are encouraged to attend to bring to the board their concerns and suggestions and, in general, support this group of volunteers who have chosen to donate their time and talents and put themselves on the line to lead this association.