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Artists for the Animals back HSPS endowment fund

A new effort is being launched by regional artists to support the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs’ fledgling Endowment Fund.

Calling themselves “Artists for the Animals,” local artist and organizer Kathleen Steventon has gathered 10 regional artists who are excited to donate a percentage of their art sales to the Endowment project.

Steventon has witnessed the need to build such a fund for the local shelter, “The difficult financial times that we all find ourselves in has led to more animals being abandoned, and fewer funds being raised for the Humane Society. This has put financial pressure on the Humane Society’s Board to juggle their finances in order to meet the needs of Pagosa’s animal population.”

The Endowment Fund is currently much too small for the animals to gain benefit from it. Improvements at Pagosa’s animal shelter continues, but the reality is that if the second animal housing building was already constructed, the Humane Society would not have funds to heat, maintain, or feed the additional animals it would shelter. Day-to-day operating costs for the second building is beyond the current reach of the Humane Society’s yearly budget. This financial gap is what the new Endowment Fund would be targeted to support.

The push by artists to create a healthy Endowment Fund is a first step towards long-term financial stability for the Humane Society. Funds raised by Artists for the Animals would go exclusively to the Endowment, which is structurally set up to retain all capital monies raised, but to use part of the interest earned for the shelter’s operative costs.

The 10 artists who are launching the Artists for the Animals project are, Sandy Applegate, Pagosa Springs; Tirzah Camacho, Bayfield; Will Dunbar, Pagosa Springs; Ana Garcia, Pagosa Springs; Roberto Garcia Jr., Pagosa Springs; June Jurcak, Pagosa Springs; Elizabeth Kinahan, Durango; Barbara Rosner, Placitas N.M.; Kathleen Steventon, Pagosa Springs; and Suzi White, Pagosa Springs.

These 10 artists’ work ranges from watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting, to bronze scupture, wood sculpture, landscape, wildlife, and contemporary photography. All 10 artists support the efforts of the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs and realize the importance of its financial stability during any type of economic climate, including the current one.

The Artists for the Animals artwork and information can be found on the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs website, and interested supporters and patrons can e-mail for additional information.