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See It! Stop It! launches ‘I’m here for you’ campaign

We have all experienced the impact of our present economy in different ways. The pressures from everyday living have become exaggerated by job loss, under-employment and discouragement.

According to recent statistics, 14.6 million Americans are unemployed, 2.6 million cannot find work and 1.2 million are “discouraged workers.” In this present environment, suicide rates are up and violence has increased as a means for coping. As a result of the increase in violence, a group of concerned community members have identified strategies for using parent leadership as a way to support one another and end violence in Pagosa Springs.

See It! Stop It! (SISI) Pagosa Springs Parent Leadership Project is launching the “I’m Here for You” Community Campaign. This campaign seeks to initiate violence-free zones, a kind of “liberated ground” throughout Archuleta County where parents are mobilized to provide leadership for developing strong, safe relationships and communities and where community members take action to stop violence when and where we see it.

We need your help. Since you represent our community, we want to see your ideas. We are looking for a symbol to represent us all in these efforts. You already represent more than one community; where you live, where you worship, where you socialize or where you work. All of our communities and all ages are invited to participate in the See It! Stop It! I can create an Icon contest. The goal of this contest is to create a symbol or icon that represents our mission. What are the campaign goals of the See It! Stop It! Parent Leadership Project?

1. SISI Parent Leaders take action to end violence in their lives and community.

2. Enhance and strengthen community members’ connections to each other to prevent violence.

3. Recognize and foster the unique knowledge and abilities of peers to prevent violence.

4. Initiate See It! Stop It! Parent Leadership Project (SISI) groups in our community.

5. Encourage families to practice being non-violent.

6. Use art to bring the community together.

7. Identify a symbol that can be used by SISI to identify safe people to talk to about violence.?

Look for our upcoming articles in the next three issues of The SUN. Contest entry forms will be available the following week at the Department of Human Services, the Ruby Sisson Library, the Ross Aragon Community Center and any public school.

Get involved and join us every first and third Wednesday from noon-2 p.m. at 473 Lewis Street.