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BoCC: Vote ‘No’ on 1A

With the Archuleta County Commissioners changing their opinions regarding their decision to put a continuation of initiative 1A on the November ballot, Archuleta commission chair Clifford Lucero read a statement Tuesday asking voters to reconsider the measure, with an eye on next year.

Because ballots have been printed and include the choice to continue 2006’s “de-Brucing” and allow the county to collect and spend additional revenue from property taxes (the 1A Fund) in perpetuity, Lucero asked voters to reconsider approval of the measure and give the county another year to identify more specific uses for 1A funds and to put more controls on the funding.

The current de-Brucing is set to expire after 2011.

Citing constituent feedback as the reason for the decision, Lucero said, “We believe this de-brucing is important to the future of road maintenance and capital projects and believe that making the de-Brucing permanent solidifies the future of this funding, but must be done so with proper controls and parameters in place.

“The feedback we’ve received indicates we need to define the controls/parameters to ensure future use of these funds.”

With the drop of support for its own ballot issue, the BoCC placed its effort behind another issue they approved for the November ballot — 1B, an increase in the mill levy to benefit the Archuleta County Education Center.

“... (T)he commissioners feel it’s important for the community to focus our energy on issue 1B, as we believe providing post-secondary education opportunities are a cornerstone to economic development and the success of the local economy,” Lucero said.

While it is unclear how the voters will respond to the BoCC’s stance on 1A or how voter trust will be affected by the statement, it is also unclear how the commissioners will handle the situation should 1A pass on Nov. 2.