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Farm Bureau to host panel to discuss property taxation

Members of the local Farm Bureau have completed plans for the Nov. 9 Farm Bureau panel discussion.

The event will take place at the County Extension Building from 6 to 8 p.m. The purpose of this panel is to address concerns about property taxes.

Panel members include Kyle Hooper, Alan Foutz, Mark Vanderpool and Todd Starr. Hooper is a state property tax expert. Foutz is Farm Bureau president. Vanderpool is the Montezuma County Assessor. Starr is the Archuleta County attorney.

We are pleased we were able to get this great group for our panel.

Our moderator is Phyllis Snider, a member of the Farm Bureau State Board of Directors.

We are going to allow you to ask your questions, but in order to keep your questions focused on general tax questions, we are going to give you a note card to write your question on. We will pick up cards and sort out the duplicates before we give them to the moderator. We do not want any discussion of personal cases, but you can ask questions that pertain to your problem. The answer will help you as well as someone else who may have the same problem.

Make sure you have this on your calendar. This is for you, Archuleta County taxpayers. We want our county to know more about why we are being taxed the way we are. Our main goal is education on the issue.

The next Farm Bureau meeting is at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 12 at the county Extension building. This is the last 7:30 meeting as our days are getting shorter and we will be coming to the house earlier, plus the change from daylight savings is coming soon.

We want you to join us. You are welcome and your input is needed.