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Sign up for Co-parenting in Divorce Workshop

San Juan Basin Health Department’s Nurturing Parenting Program offers a Co-Parenting in Divorce Workshop, 5:30-9 p.m., Oct. 26.

Divorce is never easy and not usually viewed as peaceful or nurturing; it is ranked among one of the highest stressors of life. Our children also experience this stress and it manifests in behavior issues, decrease in school performance and even health concerns.

The Co-Parenting in Divorce, the Nurturing Parenting Way explores the effects of divorce on our children and how as adults we can make this time easier for the kids. We will discuss positive communication and conflict resolution skills, creating stable routines to provide structure and security, protecting kids from negative dynamics, and modeling personal power and empathy for our children, to create healthy relationships.

This four-hour workshop does not seek to provide family therapy or solve legal issues. It may guide you to take a step back, realize your role is not as spouse but as co parents and how you can create a healthy non violent family in a divorce situation. This workshop will meet requirements for parenting class by the judicial system and is offered monthly as long as a minimum of four participants sign up.

The charge is $40 for the evening; snacks and childcare and completion certificate are provided. All proceeds benefit the Nurturing Parenting Program that provides our community with fun, interactive parent groups throughout the year with the goal to support healthy happy families.

Call Lily Mondragon Tarbet RN for registration and location details, 749-5541.