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Print National 2 at SHY RABBIT closes Oct. 17

There are only a few days left to see the SHY RABBIT Print National 2: A National Juried Exhibition, continuing at SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts through Sunday, Oct. 17.

The prints on display include a wide range of contemporary etchings, lithography, woodcuts, monotypes, intaglio, serigraphs, artist-made papers, and often incorporate mixed media.

This national print exhibition is not to be missed, and has been hailed as one of SHY RABBIT’s most successful and ambitious efforts to date, for the scope and the quality of the prints on display.

The steady flow on local and out-of-town visitors is a testament to the strength of this exhibition. The Print National 2 has also served as an invaluable educational tool, providing interested parties with a summary of printmaking techniques.

Twenty students from the Fort Lewis College art department toured the show recently, at the request of their printmaking teacher, Tony Holmquist. In addition, students from Pagosa Springs High School toured the show, at the request of their new art instructor, Janet Knocke.

The 45 printmakers selected by the juror for inclusion include several nationally and internationally recognized university professors/heads of printmaking departments, in addition to a number of highly regarded mid-career and emerging artists.

The juror selected for this prestigious second annual exhibition is Yuji Hiratsuka, professor of art, Oregon State University, Corvallis.

A national call for entries resulted in the receipt of 505 submissions from 150 artists located throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Hiratsuka selected a total of 90 pieces for inclusion in the SHY RABBIT Print National 2, representing 45 printmakers from 21 states, Canada and the UK.

This work was chosen based on technical execution, presentation, originality and consistency.

“Camellia” by North Carolina artist and art educator Julie Niskanen, is one of two remarkable prints on exhibit by this award-winning artist. This elegant mezzotint measures 16 1/2x18 1/2 and is edition 10/16.

“The natural forms that permeate our world too often become background patterns in our hectic lives,” states Niskanen.

“For the most part, people no longer feel the wonder of the complexities and intricacies seen in forms such as a single seedpod.

“All too often one walks by a scene or object without noticing it,” Niskanen continues.

“What happens when we slow down to truly notice and examine what is around us?”

Examining organic forms allows Niskanen to reflect on the human disregard for so many things, while also reflecting on and bringing forth the rhythms of nature that often go unnoticed in our lives.

“I focus on the beauty I find within these natural forms. I work to bring attention and give power to the subtle changes and cycles in nature, as meaning can be found in the smallest things,” Niskanen concludes.

Through the use of mezzotint and various etching techniques, Niskanen is able to achieve a wide range of tones and textures that complement her images and ideas.

She received her bachelor of fine arts degree from Iowa State University, College of Design, in 2005; and her master of fine arts degree in printmaking from the University of South Dakota in 2008.

Niskanen currently serves as an adjunct art instructor at a number of colleges in North Carolina.

Her work has been exhibited extensively in national and international exhibitions, and is included in dozens of private and public collections.

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts: Gallery, Studio and Workshops is located at 333 Bastille Drive, two blocks north of U.S. 160, off of North Pagosa Boulevard. 

The 4,000 square-foot arts facility houses a ceramic studio and fine art gallery, two mixed-media workshops, and two large exhibition spaces.

SHY RABBIT presents four to six exhibitions annually. Workshops are also offered regularly in ceramics and printmaking, instructed by professional artist and SHY RABBIT Creative Director D. Michael Coffee.

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts: Gallery, Studio and Workshops is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily through Oct. 17, and evenings by appointment. This event is free and open to the public.

For more information on SHY RABBIT, visit or call 731-2766.

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