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Top ten ways to Live United

Live United has been United Way of Southwest Colorado’s theme for the past few years.

United Way has found in its 39 years of service to southwest Colorado that when people join together for the common good, real change happens.

Here are my top ten ways you can Live United in your daily life.

Take a walk with your family and collect trash in your neighborhood. This is good exercise and good community service all rolled into one walk.

Walk an elderly neighbor’s pet. This is a great gesture to make to a neighbor. Contact the Silver Foxes Den to learn more ways to help our local seniors at 264-2167.

Encourage your family, co-workers and friends to get their yearly health screening. If you are not healthy, you cannot participate in our wonderful community as fully as you might like. The 9Health Fair comes to southwest Colorado each year in the Spring and offers free screenings.

Take a child in your life to a bank and help them open a savings account by providing start-up funding. This is a great way to teach the lessons of saving money whenever you can.

Give $5 per paycheck to a worthy cause through the United Way drive at your office. If United Way does not come to your office, have your HR director call us at 731-0484 to learn how easy it is to get involved.

Give blood. Contact United Blood Services for an appointment at 385-4601.

Mow your sick neighbor’s yard. This is good exercise for you and it helps your neighbor and neighborhood at the same time.

Organize a simple fund-raising event and donate the proceeds to charity. A bake sale or a car wash are great ways to raise a little bit of money. Don’t put a price on the baked item, and instead tell the buyer to pay what they want but that the money goes to charity. It is pretty amazing how much people will pay for a cookie when they know the funds go to a good cause.

Donate canned goods to the local food bank. That extra can of soup that has been in your pantry for a couple of months can be put to good use today. You drop off food at St. Patrick’s Church, Community United Methodist Church and JPII.

Offer free babysitting to a single mom or a family in need. Giving a hard working parent a night off is a great way to show them their hard work for their family is appreciated and valued.

There are literally thousands of simple things you can do to Live United and make your community a better place.

For other ways to get involved, call the United Way office at 731-0484.