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LASSO undertakes hay drive, requests donations

LASSO, our local large animal rescue, needs 800 bales of hay every fall to feed horses currently in their care and horses whose owners might need temporary assistance throughout the winter.

Compton is leading this first-ever hay drive. The month of September was the start of the hay drive. Pagosa Feed and Nursery helped by asking all of their customers to consider making a donation or to donate bales of hay. Donations and hay can be dropped off at the store. To say thank you to everyone who has made a donation, a horse play day was held at LASSO’s home, Saturday, Sept. 18.

Natural horsemanship and obstacles were used at the play day to help teach the horse owner how to better communicate with their horse. It’s a fun way to train instead of using fear, anger and intimidation. Those who already use the skills of natural horsemanship practice their skills on longer lead ropes and helped others. There were many volunteers on hand to assist participants new to natural horsemanship skills — Nancy Seay, Kim Fellows, Aurora Wright, Steffy Hodges and Beverly Compton. Their expertise and help was greatly appreciated. Professional instructors Petra Christensen and Terry Wilson also shared their knowledge and provided help in the use of new obstacles.

Obstacles that were used included a tarp to walk a horse across, a pedestal for the horse to get up on, jumps, and cones to do figure eights, weave patterns, balls for the horse to push and a horse trailer to practice loading, all teach the horse to be better behaved on a lead line.

In conjunction with the hay drive, fund-raising is going on through the purchase of “snaffle tickets” for several great prizes to be drawn on Oct. 12, at the second annual “Bling Fling.” You can find out about the great prizes to be given away and purchase tickets at Pagosa Feed and Nursery and Home Again, or by calling 264-0095. LASSO greatly appreciates the generosity of our community and would like to say thank you.